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The erroneous understanding of outlaw bikers

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Are you a member of local outlaw biker clubs?

You probably won’t find too many bikers who will lie, cheat or steal. Sure, there are those who do perform criminal acts, but really isn’t that true for just about any segment of society? Since many bikers exist on the edges of society, they know how truly valuable their word can be. Another aspect of this part of the biker mentality is that it is nearly impossible to find a snitch within a motorcycle group. Part of it is loyalty to those who ride, but the majority of it is taking responsibility for solving the problems that you see.

After all, life and riding has taught you that not everyone can be counted on to do the right thing, or to help those who need it. Also, you’ll be hard pressed to find a biker who will complain, even when the situation warrants it. It goes back to the idea of solving your own problems. If the problem is too big for you to solve on your own, then ask for help, but never, ever, let your chin lower, or your gaze waver. Riding a motorcycle is about never giving up. Whether it is a fight, an argument, or even a business deal, it’s not within a biker’s nature to back down. It’s this tenacity that has made many of the wealthy people in the country, and make no mistake; there are a number of bikers among them.