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Meet biker singles in sturgis motorcycle rally and local motorcycle rallies

motorcycle rally

Meet thousands of local bikers in the motorcycle rallies in your city.

You and your biker date love the adventure of riding your motorcycles, and you’re not afraid of a little bit of competition. Why not look into the idea of joining, or hosting a motorcycle road rally?

Essentially a road rally is a type of cross country sport in which teams of drivers and navigators leave a certain starting point at a certain recorded time, and must check in at certain locales along the route to arrive at the chosen destination. Each participant is provided with a set of written instructions that must be followed to complete the route. Everything is done at safe and legal speeds, and the point is to check in during the allotted times for each check point. Continue reading

Meet bikers in motorcycle swap meet and motorcycle rallies

motorcycle enthusiasts in biker rallies

Meet motorcycle enthusiasts who are looking for love.

A great way to meet fellow single motorcycle enthusiasts is through a motorcycle swap meet. These occur during various times of the year, but most often they are seen during the warmer spring or summer months, when the ride is on everyone’s mind. The best way to find out where they are being held is to check out the classified ads in your local newspaper or motorcycle magazine. Just about every type of motorcycle lover is welcomed. Swap meets are a great place to talk shop, purchase motorcycle materials and meet bikers who share your love and passion for motorcycles.

Motorcycle charity rallies are another great way to meet fellow motorcycle singles enthusiasts, and with good reason. By their very nature bikers tend to be very generous, and always willing to help out. Whether it is something like the Ride to the Wall in Washington D.C. for POWs and MIAs, or the March of Dimes annual road rally, hundreds of thousands of biker women and men are likely to attend. The likelihood of finding new biker friends or companions at these rallies is pretty easy to do.