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Motorcycle VS Car, a reason to ride motocycle

motorcycle dating or car love?

Are you ready to date a man on motorcycle or car?

If you don’t fall in love with the mentality that riding a motorcycle can encourage, there are quite a few practical reasons to make a motorcycle a part of your life. One of the most practical is the overall cost to ride, and the fuel efficiency of a motorcycle versus a car. In many cases, a well-tuned bike can get nearly double, if not triple the fuel efficiency of many of the cars out there today. There are some bikes that are achieving somewhere between sixty and seventy miles per gallon, if not more. Think about it; with that kind of efficiency, chances are you can commute to work and from work during the week, go for a ride to do your errands in the evening, and still have enough gas in the tank to go for a day trip over the weekend.

Another reason why riding a motorcycle is a bit more practical than a car is the ability to park in just about any situation. Remember the last time you saw an SUV try to park on a crowded street? There are times that even a car has trouble in making the fit. However, for a motorcycle parking is a whole lot easier. In addition, many parking areas designate special parking spaces just for motorcycle riders.

Motorcycles are also much more versatile than their four wheeled counterparts. Let’s face it; cars are big, and relatively difficult to maneuver in less than ideal conditions. How many times have you seen a car stuck in a mile long traffic jam, while a smaller, more agile motorcycle was able to thread its way through the different lanes to get where the rider needed to go? While the practice isn’t legal in all areas, it can truly be a time saver when it can be used.