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Biker community lifestyle is much more than what Hollywood show

Biker couples of Holllywood

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The mainstream view of the biker community is one mixed with awe, desire, fear, and trepidation. Hollywood has transformed what many people view as the biker lifestyle into something rebellious, mysterious, and a little bit sexy. While the biker lifestyle has all these characteristics, it really is so much more than what you see on the silver screen. There is a sense of charity, of generosity, and respect for people that you don’t see in every situation.

Beyond their love of bikes, single motorcycle enthusiasts tend to share a number of common traits. They are individuals of course, but if you think about it there are certain characteristics that you can find in just about any biker, whether they enjoy cruising the block on a Harley Davidson, or would rather race down the street on a Yamaha motorcycle. It really doesn’t matter what you ride, chances are, you’ll find a least a few of these characteristics wandering around in your personality as well.