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How to become a real female motorcycle rider?

biker gal

As a female, you may be interested in how to be a real biker girl?

It was not an easy thing to be a female motorcycle rider. My way to be a biker was mixed with sorrow, difficulties and happiness.

I have two sisters and one brother. When I was a little girl, I knew I was different from my two sisters. They only paid attention to the newest European fashion trends and the latest hairdo sported by some famous people. They desired to be divas while I could spend the whole day at my brother’s motorcycle garage thinking that I was a female biker and I wanted to get on those giant cool Harley motorcycle. I didn’t know what it would be when I riding on the motorcycle as a biker girl, but I just thought it would be awesome. However, just because I was a girl and it was difficult for a girl to ride a motorcycle in the past. My brother and his Harley motorcycle partners knew what I was thinking, they just teased me and said that I could never ride. Even some biker man who weren’t as smart as I was laughed at me. It was just unfair. Continue reading

Why do women dig motorcycle man online?

meet biker girls

Biker men tends to meet local biker girls on some online biker dating sites such as HarleyDatingsite.net and ChristianBikerDating.com.

Online dating sites are more and more popular and some dating APPs spring up like mushrooms these years, so some useful tips and advice of online dating becomes more important for biker men who are still single looking for a a special biker match. It is necessary to make it clear why single women are attracted to Harley guys before improving your online dating skills, otherwise, all your dating skills will become worthless. Some women believe that Harley men can give them exciting feeling what they can not get from other drivers. Continue reading

Be honest with your biker girls or boy

be honest with your biker girl and boy

Biker men and women tend to be honest when dating motorcycle riders.

One of the quickest ways for a biker dating to sour is for single biker women and men to be dishonest. While outright lying is never a good idea, the dishonesty that I’m talking about here is being dishonest with who you are, and how you present yourself to the world. This dishonesty can take the form of doing things that repel you or that you feel are morally wrong just for the sake of being with someone, changing your habits, not because doing so would make you a better person, but in order to please the other biker friends, and sometimes even lying to yourself about who and what you find attractive. Continue reading

Discover new things with your biker match together

biker couples in event

Take your biker girl to join sole local motorcycle events.

Try to discover new things with your biker friends together when you start your biker dating. Part of building a lasting biker relationship is growing and learning together. Remember, part of the ways that biker relationships thrive is when you not only learn new things about your biker match, but yourself as well. By doing something new together, such as taking a class, or going to a concert of a band you’ve never even considered before can be a great way to discover more about what makes the biker relationship work. Continue reading

Building a interesting Relationship with your biker match

The first couple to be wed at the 100th anniversary celebration for the legendary U.S. motorcycle company Harley-Davidson pulls up outside the company headquarters in Milwaukee August 28, 2003. Lester Searcy (L), driving a 2002 Harley Low Rider FXDL carries his bride-to-be Mary Ann Tripoli. Fourteen couples were to be married over the four day celebration. REUTERS/Rick Wilking

Riding is one of the most fun activities that a most single motorcycle enthusiasts can enjoy. However, sometimes keeping things interesting can be challenge. When you’re starting a new biker relationship, you can definitely have a mix of emotions. A relationship can bring happiness, frustration, trepidation, elation, and excitement, perhaps even in the same day. It can feel like you’re walking on air, without a care in the world. Continue reading

Visit Botanical Garden for your first biker dating

ride in garden

Ride to a garden and park for a rest with your biker girl.

During the spring and summer months spending time outside is a real treat. Many single motorcycle riders will take their biker women, or ride on the back of their Harley men to visit a local botanical garden to see the various sites and enjoy the warm aromas. Simply put, a botanical garden is a place where a group of people have planned out a wonderful garden, often highlighting some of the native plants and associated wildlife including birds, insects and small animals. It can be an extremely relaxing way to spend the afternoon, and it’s not surprising to see many people enjoying an afternoon there. Continue reading

Interesting First Date Ideas when you ride with online friends first time

meeting biker girl with sex legs

Go meeting your biker man for an interesting date.

If it has been decided that you are going to meet with your online biker friend for the first date, from the network chats to reality meeting. Now is the enviable task of deciding where to go and what to do. While there are countless possibilities, there are a few tried and true ideas to consider. Also keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with using your imagination in creating the perfect first rider meeting. Continue reading

Motorcycle men & women tend to be problem solvers

Ride with biker girl and date her for a love.

Motorcycle man and biker girl can solve any problem when then ride on the road, it is the reason you should date a biker single?

Biker women and motorcycle men share the trait of ingenuity. Bikers by their very nature are problem solvers. They are able to read a situation, assess what needs to be fixed, and most often design a way to make it happen. Whether it is a problem with their ride, or a problem with a friend, biker friends will find a way to fix what it is wrong. Before the idea of thinking outside the box became popular in the boardroom, the whole idea was being lived by most bikers. They are probably one of the best examples of using intelligence, available resources, and quick thinking to provide creative examples to life’s many complications.

Understand real biker lifestyle, never misunderstand them

know more about biker lifestyle

Do you really understand motorcycle riders?

Perhaps the one thing that makes the biker lifestyle appealing to many different people from many different cultures is the inherent code of conduct and creed that seems to exist among bikers in general. While the bikers that are seen at the movies or on the television shows are depicted as the traditional greasy bad guys, in truth the majority of bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts are not like that at all, especially those single Christian bikers. There is a type of unwritten code, a creed that nearly all bikers worth their weight follow in one form or another. It saturates nearly every part of their lives, from the road to the office, from when they first put on the helmet to when they lay their head on their bed at night.

The first rule of the road is that bikers will show respect, and demand respect in return. Anyone can be quick on the gun, or have the ability to lose their temper at a moment’s notice, but the sign of a real biker woman or man is their ability to remain cool and collected, even in the most hostile environment. Whether you like it or not, being a biker means that there will be people that see you as dangerous and as the enemy. Your protective leathers, the grease beneath your fingernails, even the sunglasses you wear or the patches on your jacket all portray you as something to be feared. It is because of this that many bikers have learned to have a tough, even metallic exterior when it comes to people they don’t know. However, once you become one of biker’s friends, it’s easy to see biker’s generous nature come out in full force.

It is this generous nature that is at the heart of another part of the motorcycle code of conduct. Bikers know what it’s like to be on the outside looking in. They know how it feels to be shut out from a community, and many strive to make sure that no one is left outside feeling unwanted. Simply put, bikers take care of their own. It isn’t uncommon to see groups of bikers riding together to help raise money for a family of a fallen biker, sometimes completely unknown to the riders raising the money. Parts, ideas, advice and stories are swapped just as easily as a few drinks around the bar, and every motorcycle enthusiast will recognize the salute given while out on the road to fellow bikers.