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Dating biker women and men by entering a motorcycle contest

motorcycle contest for dating

Do you have any idea to date a girl during motorcycle contest?

You know that you and your biker date have the best motorcycles around. The sleek design, throaty rumble, and overall power and maneuverability are the top of their game, and no one is going to tell you otherwise. Plus you also have the skills to handle it. Well, why not put your money where you motorcycle is? Throughout the country there are a number of motorcycle competitions that focus on your riding skills, the bike itself, its look and how well it’s been tricked out. Imagine being the proud owner of an award winning motorcycle, or dating a biker man or woman who is bringing home the trophy. Continue reading

Pay attention to what your online biker friends say before first date

biker man online

What your biker boyfriend say online may be not the real him.

It’s beneficial to pay attention to the focus of what your online biker friends say. Many motorcycle riders who are more comfortable in the online motorcycle community will spend the majority of their time focused on one or the other person in the relationship. They will spend the majority of their time asking about you, or telling you about their life. Continue reading

What should you do when your first date is approached

Your first biker date is coming.

Prepare for your first biker date.

How do you know which type of situation you are will face on your first date? Well, one option is to simply ask the online biker friends who invite you to ride for the first time. If you believe them to be honest in their assessment of the situation, you can easily find your answer there.

However, if you are uncomfortable with the direct approach, or feel that the answer you get may be less than truthful, there are a few things to recognize in their interactions with you that may give you a clue. Please keep in mind though, that these are not hard and fast rules, and situations are unique to the individual. Continue reading

No waiting game, make the first move in online biker dating

biker game

Biker dating is not a motorcycle riding game.

What do you do if the venue for your first date isn’t to your liking? You may feel uncomfortable in the area, or the idea of going to a motorcycle rally may just seem too sociable to be enjoyable. Whatever the situation, it’s your responsibility to be up front and honest about your feelings. Hopefully both you and your potential biker match have a good deal of maturity, so you can voice your concerns or preferences in a way that won’t be offensive. Also, don’t be afraid of offering alternatives to their suggestions. After all, going on a date should be a collaborative effort, especially if you want to have a good time and get to know your online biker match. Continue reading

Biker chat online allow you present yourself in the best

Chat with biker chicks online.

Chat with biker girl online and invite her to ride with you.

When you start biker chatting with online motorcycle riders, there is a chance to get to know the them, over time, without the added pressure of being impressive in a face to face meeting. Talking with people online allows you to stop and think about your response, and present yourself in the best, and most honest possible light. Also, it allows you to take a long look at your potential biker matches without them realize that you are doing it.

The other advantage to searching for a biker match online, at least at first is the convenience of it. Beyond the selection that you’ll find, there is also the fact that the internet is available to use at any time during the day, any day of the week. While the people on the other end of the conversations may change each time you log on, when you meet bikers isn’t hampered by the time of the day. Also, with the ability to log on and have conversations during the day or night, gives you an opportunity to meet different riders from around the world, or ones that may live a different lifestyle of your own. Fortunately, the love of motorcycles and riding can be a great way to bridge the gap between cultures.