Ride with your biker girl for a bike hike

biker hike

Date a biker girl and invite her to ride out for bike hike

Generally speaking, the world outside can provide quite a few low stress biker date ideas. If the weather is nice, riding with biker friends for a bike hike in the woods or through a local nature park is a great way to spend the day. Not only will you get away from the bustle and sounds of the city and the hard concrete, but it can be a great way to simply spend some time with your biker lover together and reconnect away from your busy life. Another great choice is to get, or even make some kites, and take them flying on a blustery day. There is really nothing like the triumphant feeling that you get when the kite finally catches the winds and takes flight.

If the natural world isn’t quite your thing, there are still plenty of opportunities and ideas for exploration in the city. While many biker singles thrive on visiting such things as a museum or the favorite restaurant of the day, there are quite a few other choices that you can explore.

One fun idea is to create your biker date as you go along, using the alphabet as your guide. Basically, each of you takes turns picking fun things to do based on the letters of the alphabet. Perhaps you will choose “art” for the letter A, which would mean searching for an art exhibit somewhere in the city. Next your biker match could pick something like “basketball” for the second choice, which may mean a little one-on-one basketball action at the local park. After that, you might choose something like playing “cards” to take a breather. How far in the alphabet can you go? How inventive in your choices can you be? And don’t worry if your bikers friend suggests something you’re not comfortable with, all you have to do is say “Pass” – but remember you only have three passes in this game, so use them wisely.

If heights aren’t a problem for you another fun and relatively low cost biker dating is to explore the high places in your city. Quite a number of high rise buildings have scenic outlook areas, restaurants, or sky view areas that will allow visitors to climb up to the highest points and take a look at the view. Take a camera along and take a few pictures from each scenic view. Who knows? Maybe you can create a fantastic panoramic view of your favorite city as a memento of your biker date.