Ride to National Park for your first date

motorcycle date in partk

Invite your biker guy to ride to a national part fir your first motorcycle date.

If the weather is cooperative, another great choice for your first biker date could be a visit to a national park in your area with your respective motorcycles. Not only will you get to share and enjoy motorcycle riding passion you both love, but you’ll also learn quite a bit about the other person. How do they ride with biker friends? Is there style of riding more cautious than your own, or is their tolerance for risk somewhat higher? Also, you’ll get to enjoy some great scenery while you ride. It might be a good idea to take along a small lunch for two in your saddle bags, or to pack a light picnic for you in a backpack. Stopping for a bite to eat in a sunny area of the park can be a great way to have some great conversation and get to know each other a little bit better before you head out to your next leg of the excursion.

Of course it’s a good idea to check with the national park concerning their times of operations, whether they allow motorized vehicles in the park, and what their policy is concerning bringing in food. Some recreational areas do not allow motorized vehicles, including motorcycles into some areas due to the potential damage that they can cause to the environment. If that is the case, there are likely plenty of parking areas where you can store the bikes while you enjoy yourselves walking and hiking through the woods.it is more than possible to spend an entire day in the amusement park having fun, never make the mistake of thinking that you are committed to staying there just because you bought a few tickets.