No waiting game, make the first move in online biker dating

biker game

Biker dating is not a motorcycle riding game.

What do you do if the venue for your first date isn’t to your liking? You may feel uncomfortable in the area, or the idea of going to a motorcycle rally may just seem too sociable to be enjoyable. Whatever the situation, it’s your responsibility to be up front and honest about your feelings. Hopefully both you and your potential biker match have a good deal of maturity, so you can voice your concerns or preferences in a way that won’t be offensive. Also, don’t be afraid of offering alternatives to their suggestions. After all, going on a date should be a collaborative effort, especially if you want to have a good time and get to know your online biker match.

So how long should you wait for online biker friends to ask you to meet them in person? In truth, there is no hard and fast rule, and there is absolutely no reason why you couldn’t make the first move yourself. However, if you want to play the waiting game, how long you wait will often depend on the kind of relationship that is being built online. Many single motorcycle riders who choose to use online biker dating do so because the either feel more comfortable in that environment, or they are having trouble making quality connections in their lives in the real world. It could mean that they are shy, or it could simply mean that the available opportunities in their area may just not be that good. If a bikers friend you are talking with is someone who is more comfortable in an online environment, they may take weeks or even months before they become comfortable enough to ask you out for riding together. However, if they are using online biker dating to meet more potential biker friends, your wait may be significantly shorter.