Meet biker singles in sturgis motorcycle rally and local motorcycle rallies

motorcycle rally

Meet thousands of local bikers in the motorcycle rallies in your city.

You and your biker date love the adventure of riding your motorcycles, and you’re not afraid of a little bit of competition. Why not look into the idea of joining, or hosting a motorcycle road rally?

Essentially a road rally is a type of cross country sport in which teams of drivers and navigators leave a certain starting point at a certain recorded time, and must check in at certain locales along the route to arrive at the chosen destination. Each participant is provided with a set of written instructions that must be followed to complete the route. Everything is done at safe and legal speeds, and the point is to check in during the allotted times for each check point.

So where is the challenge? What is so hard or competitive about traveling a pre-determined route when you have written directions detailing where and when you should travel? Well, the fun lies in the instructions themselves. Many times they are precise, and the trick is following them with accuracy and precision, making sure that you obey all the applicable laws. However, sometimes the rally master is a bit more playful and provides challenges to the participants in the form of questions or riddles that need to be answered using information available along the route. It’s a challenge in which you and your date have to combine your wits and match them against other participants to figure out exactly what is going on and the best way to get to the next check-in point within the allotted time. The winners of the road rally are the participants who most closely match the official course time.

Another characteristic of a road rally that makes it a lot of fun is the fact that most of them welcome novices with open arms. They will often have actual categories designed for novice participants so you don’t have to worry about doing something wrong or making a fool out of yourself. Nearly everyone there has been the rookie at one point or another, and they remember how much of a challenge a road rally can be. It’s also a great way to meet new biker women or men and make some great biker friends. Who knows? You may even find a few riders that will want to join you on your next weekend excursion.

In many cases, after the road rally is completed, there is often a friendly barbeque or dinner at one of the local restaurants where tales of bravery goofiness, and missed turns are relayed to all who participated. Road rallies are often quite fun and can produce some great stories for later in your life. In addition, road rallies are often charitable events, so you can potentially raise money for a worthy cause in addition to having a bit of fun on a Saturday afternoon.