Make your first biker dating a day date

biker dating during the motorcycle sturgis

You had better not ride for a biker night for your first motorcycle date.

Ride out together for an evening dinner may seem like a great way to show how romantic you can be, there are a number of reasons why an evening date for the first ride meeting can be a bad idea.

The first drawback is that you or your biker date may be too tired and stressed from the day to really enjoy the date.

Second, there is a type of unspoken expectation that can exist on those evening dates. Third, if the date is going well, there is time to extend it into the evening.

Another reason to make the first ride meeting during the day is because it gives you a lot more options for what to do. Spending more riding time outdoors in various parks and recreational areas is nearly impossible at night. Most people would agree that it’s a little hard to have a picnic long at nine at night.