How to carry and be a motorcycle passenger

motorcycle passenger

Riding as a motorcycle passenger is a easy way to dating a Harley motorcycle guy.

Ride on the back of a biker man’s motorcycle, and feel the wind blowing your face and hair. Many biker women think it is a funny exhilarating experience when single biker men invite them to ride as a passenger. But for some beginning female riders, they may feel like they are holding on for their life. The feeling of out of control is uncomfortable and even frightening. So for some beginning female bikers, they must learn how to have a safe and wonderful backseat riding. And for those veteran motorcycle riders, they must learn how to make their biker girl relaxed and enjoy a happy riding journey.

For a motorcycle passenger, you should wear appropriate riding gear such as motorcycle boots and helmet, and set you on the backseat well until you feel balanced. There is an important notice about how to find a place to hang on. I do not recommend you to hold on the had holds under the backseat since you have selected to ride on a motorcycle man’s bike not only as a passenger but also as a lover. You are not riding for travling, but for love. So it is a better choice to keep embracing your biker guy’s waist. Then, try your best to keep your body close to your biker man and follow his body movements as best as possible when the motorcycle turn on curvy roads.

For veteran motorcycle riders, please make sure your seat is long enough to carry your biker girl passenger, and tell the passenger your riding style and the instructions before you start riding since your biker lady may be not an experienced rider. Just at the beginning, please ride at a somewhat lower speed since this will make your biker babe gradually adapt your riding and enjoy the riding pleasure.