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Motorcycle really is more big than biker events or biker week since there are thousands of tens of motorcycle riders all around the country will attend. At the beginning biker rally are organized by some motorcycle clubs for motorcycle racing. Now, a biker rally will includes all kinds of motorcycle life such as motorcycle contests, Harley motorcycle washes, amazing motorcycle stunt and so on. You will know all about biker life as long as you join some motorcycle rallies.

Try to know more about your biker buddy on open road

motorcycle couples

Two Motorcycle Couples Riding on on the Rural Road.

One of the most common problems that starting a new biker dating relationship develop is to have a relationship that is based on only one dimension. The basis of the biker relationships may be sexual in nature, a love for motorcycles, or a desire to spend time riding together for travel. But what happens when that dimension starts to fizzle, or is no longer available?

The truth is that all solid and lasting biker relationships are multi-dimensional in nature. The only way to make sure that your biker date has that multi-dimensional quality is to get to know your biker buddy. Continue reading

Biker lifestyle is about your honor and how you live your life

motorcycle culture and style

Biker Lifestyle is about how motorcycle riders live and love other biker girls or guys.

While the practicality of using a motorcycle in your daily life does offer a lot of advantages and reasons to ride, for most bikers, it’s just the icing on the cake. Riding a motorcycle allows you to enter into a completely different world, one where the ideals and romance of the Old West and the chivalry of the Middle Ages hasn’t quite died. The biker lifestyle has almost a primal and indescribable appeal that harkens back to a time when things weren’t so complicated.

Perhaps that appeal, the desire to return to a simpler way of thinking is what is the most appealing about the biker lifestyle. Take away all the trappings, the leather, the girls, the patches, the friendships, even the charities, what are you left with? In a very real sense the biker lifestyle begins and ends with two things. In the end, it’s the rider and his or her motorcycle that is the start of everything that is being built in the biker lifestyle. Everything begins with the feel of the motorcycle as you travel down the road, and the connection you begin to feel when you strip away all the excess framework and complications that surround you in daily life. Once you have this, once you know what is real and what is true, rebuilding your life in the way that you want, the way that it was meant to be can begin. From this point forward, the friendships and relationships you create can have a better and more solid foundation, since you know who and what you are, and what you can be.

In a very real sense, bikers share a common bond, one that can transcend words and that is fueled by actions both on and off the bike. It is a code learned from experience and friendship, and will extend from the old timers that wear the motorcycle leathers to those wearing jeans and sneakers while they ride.

Each and every one of them understands that everything goes back to the ride, and is supported by the feeling that you get when you get on a motorcycle. It is about the balance between freedom and responsibility, of individualism and being part of a group. It’s about taking care of your own, and reaching out for help from your brethren when needed. In a very real sense, the biker lifestyle has nothing to do with the leather jacks, biker helmets or the grease beneath your fingertips. It’s about your honor, and how you live your life.

Motorcycle VS Car, a reason to ride motocycle

motorcycle dating or car love?

Are you ready to date a man on motorcycle or car?

If you don’t fall in love with the mentality that riding a motorcycle can encourage, there are quite a few practical reasons to make a motorcycle a part of your life. One of the most practical is the overall cost to ride, and the fuel efficiency of a motorcycle versus a car. In many cases, a well-tuned bike can get nearly double, if not triple the fuel efficiency of many of the cars out there today. There are some bikes that are achieving somewhere between sixty and seventy miles per gallon, if not more. Think about it; with that kind of efficiency, chances are you can commute to work and from work during the week, go for a ride to do your errands in the evening, and still have enough gas in the tank to go for a day trip over the weekend.

Another reason why riding a motorcycle is a bit more practical than a car is the ability to park in just about any situation. Remember the last time you saw an SUV try to park on a crowded street? There are times that even a car has trouble in making the fit. However, for a motorcycle parking is a whole lot easier. In addition, many parking areas designate special parking spaces just for motorcycle riders.

Motorcycles are also much more versatile than their four wheeled counterparts. Let’s face it; cars are big, and relatively difficult to maneuver in less than ideal conditions. How many times have you seen a car stuck in a mile long traffic jam, while a smaller, more agile motorcycle was able to thread its way through the different lanes to get where the rider needed to go? While the practice isn’t legal in all areas, it can truly be a time saver when it can be used.

Meet bikers in motorcycle swap meet and motorcycle rallies

motorcycle enthusiasts in biker rallies

Meet motorcycle enthusiasts who are looking for love.

A great way to meet fellow single motorcycle enthusiasts is through a motorcycle swap meet. These occur during various times of the year, but most often they are seen during the warmer spring or summer months, when the ride is on everyone’s mind. The best way to find out where they are being held is to check out the classified ads in your local newspaper or motorcycle magazine. Just about every type of motorcycle lover is welcomed. Swap meets are a great place to talk shop, purchase motorcycle materials and meet bikers who share your love and passion for motorcycles.

Motorcycle charity rallies are another great way to meet fellow motorcycle singles enthusiasts, and with good reason. By their very nature bikers tend to be very generous, and always willing to help out. Whether it is something like the Ride to the Wall in Washington D.C. for POWs and MIAs, or the March of Dimes annual road rally, hundreds of thousands of biker women and men are likely to attend. The likelihood of finding new biker friends or companions at these rallies is pretty easy to do.

Find bikers near you to share your ride and life

biker couples share riding life

Share your riding experience with your biker girl or guy.

It is wonderful to be a biker and enjoy biker lifestyle. Striking out on your own bike, the road ahead of you, a slight breeze at your back, and the feeling of the rumbling engine beneath your body is often the only thing a biker needs to make all things right in the world. However, there are many times when the desire to share your ride with other biker singles, or share your life with local riding friends becomes more important than before. So what is a rider to do?

In a very real sense, those who exist outside the motorcycle lover club don’t understand the thrill and comfort that comes from riding a bike. Either that or the people around you fall in love with the stereotypes as depicted by shows like Sons of Anarchy, or the movies like The Wild One. While there is a few aspects of those shows and movies that ring true, the real truth is that many if not all bikers are far beyond and above what is depicted on the silver screen. However, the real biker of the American landscape was something much more varied, and much more colorful. In life, many motorcycle riders around you meet bikers buddie or find special biker lovers through some biker dating sites online.