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Motorcycle love affair is a faith and a religion

motorcycle couples

Motorcycle couples ride together for a affair .

For many people who love motorcycles, riding is about the ride itself and yet so much more. It is a faith, a religion; a way of being that can truly transcend most everything else in a life. In a very real sense, it can be likened to a type of romantic love, one that lifts you up when you are living in the gutters, and will make you feel like you can do anything. It can be complicated, and yet so very simple.

The love affair with a motorcycle can be almost instinctive at times, organic in nature, virtuous and yet primal in its intensity. Other times riding a motorcycle is nothing more than a string of experiences tied together through the shifting of gears and revving of the throttle. No matter what it is, simple, complicated, calming or thrilling, riding a motorcycle is an experience that very few would dismiss or forget.

For many riders, getting on the back of a motorcycle is about one thing. It is about freedom. On the bike you don’t have to worry about your boss yelling at you, the deadlines looming back at the office, or the pile of dirty dishes that are piled up in the sink. When you put on the helmet, you know that at least for a little bit you don’t have to worry about studying for classes, exams, other people or anything else. It really is just about you, the bike and the road.

For many riders, young and old, getting on a motorcycle is a way to feel complete. There is the rush when you first feel the breeze hit your face, the increase in your pulse as your first leap down the road or navigate the next bend in the road. It is a great way to return to the primal sense of connection that you sometimes feel with the road and the world around you.

American Biker lifestyle changes following improved motorcycle culture

Biker couples riding

Riding with friends is a nice biker lifestyle for biker singles looking for love.

In a very real sense, beyond the feelings of friendship and companionship that grow out of shared experiences in battle and on the back of the motorcycle, these machines were often used for practical purposes. They were used by messengers to deliver packages. They handled traffic easily, and became a staple vehicle in many law enforcement groups. In truth, during the 1950s the idea of riding a motorcycle permeated much of the American life, and became a part of the American psyche. Nearly everyone had either experienced a ride or new someone who had.

While the biker culture may have started with those affected by war and strife, in truth it quickly spread to nearly all different areas of the American culture. With movies such as The Wild One, and Easy Rider, the whole idea of riding away into the sunset, or living and breathing the biker lifestyle became a dream within the American heart. Soon riding a motorcycle wasn’t just seen as a practical way to get around town, but also as a way to belong to something that was larger, more real than what your life had been before.

It is this strange mixture between passion and practicality, between individualism and companionship that has shaped the motorcycle culture that is seen today, as well as the people within it. It is an international culture that can be recognized in nearly every region around the world, from the back roads of Los Angeles to the main streets of Tokyo. Motorcycles and their riders can be recognized in places throughout England and Ireland just as easily as they can be seen in New York City.

In any case, sharing riding experiences with biker friends is the first important biker lifestyle. If you are a real biker and like to enjoy American biker life, find your riding buddies first.