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How to Share Ride with Biker Friends?

share ride with other local riders

Ride share is an important biker lifestyle.

As you know, there is more to your life than just riding, and there are more reasons than sharing the ride to seek out a motorcycle companionship and biker friendship. Developing a biker relationship with someone allows you to grow as a person, and offers you things that you simply cannot get on your own. A biker friend or a motorcycle lover who takes the time to understand you and build a relationship with you can offer a sense of comfort that can’t be matched. Imagine not having to fill in every little blank, or having the ability to re-start a conversation without having to rehash everything that came before.

Another aspect that a solid relationship or friendship can provide is the feeling of connectedness to another person or biker group. In a very real sense, one of the fears that are ingrained into the human race is the fear of being alone. Becoming connected to someone, either through a relationship or a friendship can provide a feeling of being a part of something, a feeling that many search for all their lives.

Creating a relationship, especially with someone who shares your love and passion for motorcycle riding can also be a great way to build a solid support system. Over time, they will see you at your glorious best, and uncompromising worst. They will know what your home or apartment looks like at 3 AM, and what you look like when you’ve had entirely too many whiskeys and sodas. However, despite all that, if the relationship is built on a solid foundation, the support system that you have developed will be there regardless of the mistakes that you make.

A good friendship or relationship can also be a great way to build up your self-confidence. Let’s face it; sometimes even the best personality can take a hit in the confidence department. However, by having an honest and strong support system, what you need to rebuild your confidence in what you are doing, and your ability to face the world.

While experiencing a sense of comfort, connectedness and a solid support system is extremely important, there are other things that a solid relationship can offer. A good riding relationship can offer you a check when your actions or thoughts aren’t the best for you. Imagine having someone to bring you back to reality when your anger or frustration comes bubbling up to the surface. They can help to keep you honest with yourself and those around you. A rider friend can bring a different perspective, pointing out things that you may have overlooked, and therefore maybe allowing you to follow a different and better path in the end. A friendship can also be a wonderful learning experience, both for learning about relationships in general, as well as the relationship you have with your iron horse.

Also, there is a sense of loyalty and growth that can be nurtured and promoted through a relationship with people who share the same interests and passions of riding motorcycle. Sharing the experiences of the garage, of riding on the open road, of trials and triumphs can help you make yourself a better person. Imagine working late at night, fitting a new fender or beehive tail light on your favorite bike. Exchanging thoughts and conversations over the installation of a replacement gas tank, or smiling with understandable pride as your friend opens up the throttle of your latest motorcycle creation. It is those feelings, the mixture of joy, pride and love that is best shared with others.

Another reason that many people overlook when considering looking for a relationship within the biker community is the number of ways that having a relationship can open you up to new possible friends on motorcycles. With the advent of the internet, there are ways to contact and learn about bike lovers from around the world. Whether you stay close to home, or look in places such as US, Canada, or UK, beginning the search for a relationship can lead to many new possibilities for friends. By beginning the search, you’ll be able to open your life to new possibilities and other people.