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Ride with your biker friends to explore new things is a funny biker date

new biker friends

Meet new friends and explore new things with your biker match.

Exploration of the world around you is a great way to get to know your biker lover, and even yourself a little bit better. You already know that going for a ride on your motorcycle is a great way to clear your mind, and it can also be a great way to explore the world around you.

One type of funny biker date is to create a type of motorcycle scavenger hunt. Start with a list of places or items to find, and spend the day hunting down the items or places.
The list can really consist of almost anything. Continue reading

Spend time with your family and biker match

motorcycle family

Biker family is always built when you start dating a biker girl.

Spending some play time with your nieces or nephews or even your own kids, and your biker lover can be a great way to get in touch with your more playful side. Go on a hiking adventure through the neighborhood, having the kids leading the way. What will you find? Buried treasure? An intergalactic spaceship? Or perhaps you’ll finally vanquish the dreaded monster at the end of Maple Street. Whatever you do, make sure everyone remains safe, but never be afraid to embrace the adventurous nature of children, as well as their imagination. Continue reading

Movie themes night for biker couples when riding isn’t on the schedule

biker helmet couples

Biker couples are ready to ride out with helmet for loving travel.

Despite what you might want or think, riding a motorcycle during every waking moment of your life simply isn’t practical. Besides the need to sleep, eat and go to work, there are other times when riding simply isn’t possible, or even safe. Riding in inclement weather, although possible is not always advisable, and it certainly presents some hazards that make it less than enjoyable. So what do you do when the idea of riding motorcycle on your biker date isn’t something that is feasible? Sure you could ride out to a movie or a dinner date, something that nearly everyone has done at one time or another. Another option is to ride out and have a relaxing date at a coffeehouse. Continue reading

Help your biker match tune up bike

biker man can help you

Can you biker guy fix your motorcycle?

If you’re searching for something to do that involves your bike, and doesn’t depend on the weather, and your mechanically inclined, one option is to try and tune up the motorcycle of your biker match. Like all things mechanical or automotive in nature, motorcycles require regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly. Many, but not all, single motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy tinkering with their bikes, making sure they run efficiently, and offer the best most enjoyable ride possible.

Why not take the time to tune up and improve each other’s bikes together? If you’re not comfortable tinkering with something that is already working, another option is to go visit a local junk yard and see if you can find a motorcycle worth salvaging. Continue reading

Go ride for a scenic drive with your online bikers friend

sharing motorcycle road

Riding out and sharing your road with your friend.

It’s no secret that you love to go for a ride around your neighborhood to see the sights. Well what about making it a motorcycle dating where you go a little bit further into the wilderness? Depending on where you live, there are a number of roads, natural areas and scenic trails that offer great views if you ride on the back of a motorcycle of a single motorcycle man. The easiest way to do this is to grab a road map and see which roads lead through various parks and nature preserves to give you an idea of the different routes that you can take to explore the world around you. Continue reading

Ride with your online biker friends to amusement parks to have childish fun

biker game

Take your biker girl to play a biker game after your biker meeting.

Remember when you were young motorcycle rider, and going to the amusement park was something that you looked forward to each summer? The candy, the rides, the roller coasters or those tea cups that you could spin around at dizzying speeds all made the trip just a little more memorable than last time. One of the reasons why you enjoyed your time, besides the fun activities was the people who accompanied you. Having fun with biker friends, meeting new motorcycle riders, and learning which rides and amusements are enjoyable can be a great way to pass the time. Continue reading

What should you do when your first date is approached

Your first biker date is coming.

Prepare for your first biker date.

How do you know which type of situation you are will face on your first date? Well, one option is to simply ask the online biker friends who invite you to ride for the first time. If you believe them to be honest in their assessment of the situation, you can easily find your answer there.

However, if you are uncomfortable with the direct approach, or feel that the answer you get may be less than truthful, there are a few things to recognize in their interactions with you that may give you a clue. Please keep in mind though, that these are not hard and fast rules, and situations are unique to the individual. Continue reading

Keep your biker dating profile entertaining

single biker chick

Make your profile interesting since bikers all motorcycle riders love to meet new and open ones.

Keep your biker dating profile entertaining. This can be accomplished in a number of ways. First, don’t be afraid to show other single bikers yourself in a funny way, or one that pokes fun at you. If you have a bit of a pot belly, make a joke about it. If you’re known for your braying laugh, show a picture of yourself laughing it up. Doing such things as this allows you to show other motorcycle riders that you are comfortable with who you are, and are willing to laugh at life and yourself on a regular basis.

Another way to keep your profile unique and entertaining is to tell stories instead of lists. Nearly everyone can list their good qualities, but it takes a bit of effort and ingenuity to tell the same thing through a small story. Instead of saying that you enjoy making other biker friends happy, tell the readers about the time you threw a surprise party for your best friend. Or, if you enjoy hikes in the woods, let your reader know about the last time you hiked through the forest and how much fun you had.

It is also important to make sure that you avoid using the cliches that you see all the time. Saying that you enjoy intimate conversations, long walks on the beach may be true, but to the reader it sounds tired, old, and sometime extremely fake. Instead, say something like “I enjoy talking one on one, and spending time watching the waves on the beach”.

Remember a profile is about getting yourself noticed among a sea of potential biker matches. Therefore it’s best to keep things relatively short, sweet, and definitely unique.

Bikers are Honest when completing dating profiles

It’s important to make sure that your profile photo or motorcycle picture is current and shows the real you. This is probably one of the most important. To put it simply, it’s important to be honest. After all, using a dating profile is about finding someone and building a relationship. Why would you want to build your foundation on a lie?

motorcycle date photo

Put your real photo on motorcycle dating website.

When you are completing your biker dating profile, it’s a good idea to think carefully about what you are saying. Take the time to think clearly about your likes and dislikes, what you can bring to the relationship, and what you are not willing to do. Many people make the mistake of promising the moon in their profile, while being able to only deliver something much less. But don’t be discouraged; you have a lot to offer, and if you focus on what you can do, a potential bikers friend or biker match will be pleasantly surprised to say the least.

If you think about it, if you say that you’re a funny person, it’s best to try and live up to that characteristic. If you say that you’re a good listener, make sure that you open your ears more often than your mouth. Finally, never say you enjoy something when you actually don’t. There is nothing wrong in saying that you like to try new things, but if you simply detest country line dancing, there is really no reason to claim that you do.

It’s also a good idea to allow a bikers friend or family member to review your written profile before you upload to your chosen biker dating site. This will not only be a way to check for spelling or grammatical errors that you might have missed, but it’s also a great way to check yourself for honesty. After all, who knows your virtues and faults better than your biker friends or family? Take what they say to heart, they may see a side of you that you have missed.

Add more current photos and motorcycle pictures on your dating profile

motorcycle photo for dating

Try to add your Harley motorcycle photo on your dating profile.

It’s a good idea, if allowable to have more than one profile picture on your profile. By doing this, you can easily show that you don’t spend the majority of your time sitting behind the computer. Besides the close up picture that you use as your main profile picture, don’t be afraid to use your motorcycle pictures, enjoying a cookout with biker friends, or even a picture of you relaxing in front of a campfire.

Another thing to keep in mind is whether or not your pictures are current. Let’s face it; people do physically change over the years. Using an older picture, although perhaps more flattering is a set up for failure in the world of online biker dating. Think about it this way; how would you feel if you meet someone who looked a lot different, or older than what they portrayed in their picture? You’d feel let down, a little disappointed, I’m guessing. It’s the same for your potential match. If you do end up using an older picture of yourself, make sure you mention that in the caption. After all, it’s all about honesty and respect.

Here is a final note about the morality of your shots. It’s really not a good idea to have pictures of you doing something that some would consider morally questionable. Basically, it’s a good idea to remember that there is a possibility of your parents seeing these pictures. Also, not everyone is searching for someone only for the purposes of sex. Why would you want to give the impression that is the only thing you are looking for as well?