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A good sample of dating profile of a motorcycle man

usernane: Hdrider

usernane: Hdrider

When you ask my friends to describe me, the words “spark plug” always seems to be said. I’m energetic, lively, honest, very friendly, and always able to bring a smile to just about everyone I meet. I absolutely adore the Muppets, friendly races down lonely stretches of highway, and knocking back a few beers at the end of a long ride. I’m searching for a gay man, somewhere between the age of 25 and 45 who is not afraid of being out, being proud, and being real. Race in unimportant, but your health is. Do you share my love of motorcycles, Kermit, and all things bright and beautiful?

In all honesty, this is one of the best examples of a dating profile that I’ve seen in a long time. It is friendly and honest in just about every area of concern. First this profile writer gives enough details about who he is to give the reader a sense of what he is all about. By the end of the paragraph you know that the gentleman is gay, that he loves the Muppets and motorcycles, racing, and bringing smiles to those around him. You also realize that he finds it important for whoever he is with to be honest, healthy and tolerant of those around them. Finally, he ends the paragraph with a fun and inviting question.

This example is also a prime example of just how varied the members of the biker community can be. Just as there are motorcycle enthusiasts from every country, culture or economic background, there are also those in just about every sexual orientation. There are straight, gay, lesbian, transsexual and bisexual bikers throughout the country, so don’t be afraid to look and be exactly who you are.

Biker community lifestyle is much more than what Hollywood show

Biker couples of Holllywood

Hollywood biker couples show for biker dating site.

The mainstream view of the biker community is one mixed with awe, desire, fear, and trepidation. Hollywood has transformed what many people view as the biker lifestyle into something rebellious, mysterious, and a little bit sexy. While the biker lifestyle has all these characteristics, it really is so much more than what you see on the silver screen. There is a sense of charity, of generosity, and respect for people that you don’t see in every situation.

Beyond their love of bikes, single motorcycle enthusiasts tend to share a number of common traits. They are individuals of course, but if you think about it there are certain characteristics that you can find in just about any biker, whether they enjoy cruising the block on a Harley Davidson, or would rather race down the street on a Yamaha motorcycle. It really doesn’t matter what you ride, chances are, you’ll find a least a few of these characteristics wandering around in your personality as well.

Aspires for camaraderie motivates more women and men to be biker

Riding motorcycle and dating others

Motorcycle girls and boyz are more attractive to others who do not ride a bike.

Motorcycle riders has long been attractive to people around the world. The feeling of freedom, of independence and camaraderie that a simple motorcycle ride promotes is truly unique. While you value your independence, it’s nice to know that you’re sharing the ride with so many other single motorcycle riders, young and old, of every race, creed and color.

It really doesn’t matter the city or country; chances are you’ll find people to share love on motorcycles no matter where you happen to go. There are motorcycle clubs throughout the United States, Europe and South America certainly have their share of people interested in all motorcycle things.

If you’re worried about encountering people of the opposite sex in your search for relationship, you really shouldn’t be. The things that attract men to the biker lifestyle are pretty much universal for women as well. The love of a good bike, the passion for independence and friendship, and of course the lust for the open road will affect single biker women just as easily as it will affect single biker men. You can put your faith in the idea that the biker community is a lot larger, and a lot more varied than you might think.

If you think about it, there is something about a biker. Even without the leathers, the helmet or the roar of the throttle, a biker can be recognized by other bikers. Perhaps it is a look in the eye, or a certain swagger in their walk. Perhaps it is the faint odor of oil and grease that seems to follow them everywhere they go. It could also be attitude coupled with the friendly hand extended in greeting.

Find bikers friend and share the ride of your life

Motorcycle tralving love.

Ride with a biker for camping love.

For many bikers, there is a certain pride that they take in their ride. It’s a point of honor to take something that is destined for the junk yard, repair it, make it better, and ultimately bring it back to a life on the road. There are those who can take an older bike and turn it into a complete eye catcher, and then use it for some completely awesome stunts on the highway. There are often contests around the country where bikers compare and compete by showing off their handiwork, their skill in creating the most outrageous motorcycles. Single motorcycle women or men will come from around the country to share ideas, tips, and decide on which bike is the most unique.

For many people, the life that comes with riding a motorcycle is something that is too attractive to just dream about. The sense of belonging to something beyond yourself, while still maintaining your individual identity is something that many people gravitate to on a regular basis. There is a very real sense of biker friendship, of companionship that flows through this culture, and it can be easy to see why so many people have fallen in love with single bikers and the biker lifestyle.

But what happens when a single motorcycle man or woman wishes to make a solid connection with another individual? What should they look for, and where should they start the search? After all, the biker culture is pretty big, and the lifestyle is extremely varied and vast. It can seem very overwhelming, indeed. Thankfully it is this diversity and vastness that can make the search for that special someone a lot easier than you might think. The first thing to determine is what you’re looking for. Luckily, there are so many different people within the biker community that it is fairly easy to find what you want. The trick is to simply know what you’re interested in, and where to find it.

Biker lifestyle promotes individual responsibility and individual freedom

Ride free on open road.

Riding alone on the free way is not the choice of all bikers. Do you like to ride with other riders?

Being part of the motorcycle community isn’t just about helping other bikers. As individuals, we know that it takes all kinds to make the world a better place, so most bikers are not above helping others outside their clubs. The idea of integrity runs rampant through a motorcyclist’s mentality, and in most cases it would be considered extremely low to not help out a someone in need, especially if it is within your power to do so. For example there are quite a few bikers who also volunteer as firemen, first responders and other medical professionals. When they are not on their motorcycles, they are often on the front lines, seeing the best and the worst of what mankind has to offer. There are even examples of bikers protecting funerals of fallen soldiers from disrespect shown by people who do not share the belief that a funeral is a time for reflection on a life, not a way to protest about political and social concerns.

In addition to being helpful to those who need it, and respectful to those who have earned it, bikers as a group generally do not judge. Having been judged by many, for either good or ill based on the clothes they wear or the lifestyle that they led, it’s easy to see how the idea of not judging others came into play. A biker doesn’t concern himself with what you are doing, or the morality of your actions, unless it is doing harm to those he has chosen to protect. Many believe that it is not up to him to pass judgments, instead leaving that in more capable hands. Simply put, the biker lifestyle promotes individual responsibility and individual freedom. It supplies the freedom that many of us are yearning for, based on the reality that life in general, and the world around us is becoming more and more restrictive as the time passes.

It is because of this restriction, this tightening of the controls on our daily life that force those with this independence streak to try and break free and go tearing down the highway or back roads, at least for just a little while. Being a biker is about using your creativity and ingenuity to make things work. That’s another part of the biker’s code of conduct.

Famous motorcycle riders in Hollywood Do not represent all bikers

Famous bikers

Famous motorcycle riders are good sample for other Harley girls and guys.

It is also important to remember that bikers are human, and they will have traits or characteristics that are less than desirable. It is not my intention to say that all bikers are bad, or that everyone shares the traits those famous motorcycle riders in Hollywood has made into the biker stereotype, but to not mention some of the bad traits you might run across would be very foolhardy indeed. Remember, these traits and characteristics are not seen in any biker, or even most bikers, but they do exist. By knowing about their existence, you’ll be better able to steer clear of them when they are recognized.

Like it or not, there is a certain element of disregard for authority figures that run through some people, whether they are single motorcycle enthusiasts or not. Since the biker lifestyle promotes independence, and individuality, quite a number of people who are fighting against the authorities are attracted to the biker lifestyle. Whether they believe that people who work with the police or government are out to get them, corrupt, or some combination of the two is hard to say. They may even be justified in their beliefs, but in many cases their search for justice or to “stick it to the man” can be more trouble in a relationship that what it’s worth. After all, a relationship is essentially about the two people involved, not the rest of the world.

Another troublesome characteristic that is sometimes seen in the biker community is those who believe that the only reason to become a biker is to get access to wilder and better sex. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with being attracted to those who ride motorcycles, or embracing various fetishes associated with the motorcycle lifestyle, making that your only reason for getting on the back of a motorcycle can only lead to problems.

Simply put, there are many different types of people who are attracted to the biker lifestyle, and not everyone is at the same maturity level when it comes to sexual ideas. As in every other aspect of the biker lifestyle, independence and individuality is strongly promoted, and a mutual respect and understanding of someone’s desires should be respected. It can also lead to a one-dimensional relationship that is hard to maintain over the long haul.

The other troublesome trait that is sometimes seen in the biker community is the perchance for taking risks. In reality, this trait is extremely uncommon in the biker community. After all, men and women motorcycle riders are often more cautious when they ride, and are more aware of their surroundings than other drivers on the road. However, the television and movies have often depicted bikers as rebels, risk takers, and other things that may make the biker lifestyle look more attractive on the screen. Unfortunately this media stereotype has led to some people joining the biker community based on the desire to do something “wild and crazy”.

It should be noted, once again, that these negative traits don’t define the biker community any more than they define another community. Like life in general, there are people with both good and bad traits in the biker clubs. There are people that can become life-long friends, and there are people who you would rather avoid. It’s important to be able to recognize each type within the biker club, just like you recognize them in other areas of your life.

There are many more traits that bikers share, of course, but one of the most important is their individuality. There are so many different types of people that enjoy riding a motorcycle, and for many different reasons. There are those who love riding far away from the city lights, and look to the stars for their guidance. Others love the feeling of watching the city lights as they blink on when the sun begins to fade. Others find that the best time to go for a bike ride is in the mid-morning right after the dew has been burnt off the grass. It truly all depends on individual tastes.

Have you Built a Biker Culture or Community beyond the ride?

Join some biker group to know more motorcycle culture.

Are you still riding alone?

It always starts with the motorcycle. However, it can go well beyond that. There has always been a biker social aspect of riding, and for some this includes such things as motorcycle or riding clubs. For many people, the idea of a motorcycle club has become a new and somewhat romantic phenomenon with their popularity growing through various television shows and movies over the years. While Hollywood certainly has played a role in the growing popularity of these types of groups, in reality they have always been so much more than what is shown on the silver screen.

In a very real sense, biker clubs have been around since the first mainstream motorcycles came onto the road. During the 1950s, when the popularity of riding a motorcycle increased due in part to the various Hollywood movies and stars like Marlon Brando and James Dean, many people began to identify with the idea of owning and riding a motorcycle. Even the biker“look” complete with leather jackets and greased hair became the new standard of cool.

When it comes right down to it, a biker club is only a group of individuals who share a common passion and love for their motorcycles. It is a group of friends, family and comrades that have found a strong and common bond, which is started with a common love of motorcycles and riding them. If you strip away all the stereotypes that are seen, a motorcycle club is very much like any other club in existence. There are criteria for membership, there are benefits for belonging, and the members are expected to act in a manner that reflects the ideals of the group as a whole.

Like many close-knit groups, biker clubs are characterized by a strong sense of belonging to something that is grander than what you are. It’s about a strong bond, a friendship that while borne out of the love of motorcycles have grown into something much more. For many motorcycle enthusiasts, being part of a biker club is a sense of pride, of honor, and some would even say a sense of familial love that may be lacking in other areas.