Ride with your lover for motorcycle touring

biker traveling

Motorcycle traveling is a important biker lifestyle.

You know your city. You’ve lived on these streets for years. You know the best places to get a Rueben sandwich, and the locations of the potholes on the main street. You lived here for so many years that many things pass by you in this city, almost completely unnoticed. In fact, you have to smirk when your new biker friends or match come to your town, their eyes wide with astonishment, and their faces bright and smiling at everything. Tourists are the same just about everywhere.

However, acting like a wide-eyed tourist, complete with camera and horrifically bad tasting clothing can be a great way to see your city in a new light. Start your biker dating by making a list of the places in your town or your biker lover’s city, that are tourist magnets- you know the places where you normally would not be caught dead in. Take a disposable camera, or even one of the cheap digital cameras that you find in stores today and go on a photographic safari through the streets of your city. Take pictures for you and your biker match in front of the local landmarks, and be sure to make them as cheesy as possible. Try and visit some of the most scenic views in your city, and look at them with new eyes, pretending to be artists looking for the best photograph.

Of course, going on a photographic safari across the city can make your and your biker babe rather hungry. Here’s where acting like a tourist can be a great thing. Perhaps there is a restaurant that you’ve always wanted to try, or a local diner that calls out to you. Why not try these places out now? After all, you and your biker date are tourists- you might not get the chance to experience these things in the same way again. Finally, end your biker date with a leisurely stroll through your area, or a visit to one of the local restaurants for some dessert and coffee. Keep things relaxed and friendly. Pretending to be a tourist can be a great way to have a bit of fun.