Join charity bikers for babies and find generous biker singles

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Single biker women and men are so generous that they often ride to support charity events.

By their very nature, single bikers tend to be quite generous, and will often ride in support of various charity events. Why not combine the idea of helping someone out, and enjoying the day on a motorcycle to make a nearly perfect day? Each week, thousands of single bikers and their motorcycles thunder through various locales around the world in the hopes of raising awareness for various charitable organizations. These organizations are always looking for support, and offering to bring attention to their stories and concerns can be a great way to not only enjoy a great ride through the neighborhood, but also get the charities that you care about the attention that they need. Here are a few of the most popular charities that welcome bikers.

Bikers for Babies- the March of Dimes have always welcomed the support of various biker clubs and motorcycle enthusiasts. Every year nearly 35,000 bikers or more join forces in various places around the United States and the world, to raise awareness, and donations for the March of Dimes, which helps to reduce the occurrences of premature births around the world. Rallies include everything from a motorcycle ride, to picnics, contests, and various celebrities that help to emcee the event. Every year thousands of well needed, and well-earned dollars are raised for a great charity.

Children’s Miracle Network Charity Ride– Another popular charity ride with bikers and non-bikers alike is the annual Charity Ride for the Children’s Miracle Network. The Children’s Miracle Network helps to provide life-saving medical care for children around the nation, research, and preventative education to help keep the health of area children each year many bikers organize and help to promote scenic rides through various towns and regions to help raise the awareness and donations for this worthwhile cause.

Another popular charity ride for bikers many of which who have served, or have loved ones in the military is the Rolling Thunder Ride to the Wall. Every year, thousands of motorcycle lovers join together in Washington D.C. to ride to the Vietnam Memorial Wall to raise awareness and recognition for those who are still being held as prisoners of war or who are missing in action. It is a wonderful way to not only enjoy a scenic ride with your partner, but also help those around you realize the importance of those who volunteer to serve their country.

There are literally hundreds of different potential motorcycle charity events to attend, and each one will often have free or low cost food and drink for your enjoyment. Plus, you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping someone in need while enjoying a great bike ride. What’s not to love? By they way, you can find more information about how to meet biker singles in some Charity biker events on the motorcycle dating site