How to choose motorcycle tent for your biker camping dating

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Motorcycle tour itself is an exciting and exhilarating experience, whether you go motorcycle touring alone with your biker buddies. You should consider that be sure have a suitable comfortable, safe and secure accommodation, especially if you go traveling with your biker friend with serious relationship.

Although there also are some cheaper accommodations, like economy hotels, B&B and youth hotels, if setting up a camp for the evening and spending a night chatting with your biker lover around the campfire that will be more meaningful and more economical.So let’s plan an amazing special motorcycle journey with camping.

General matters

The first important thing is that you should consider the size of your motorcycle. It is clear that the motorcycle space is a major consideration and also a deciding factor when purchasing a tent for traveling. And the next, you should consider the weight, we don’t want to carry extra weight to increasing the burden of travel. If you carry a 4 man tent for two people travel, which is not wise. In fact, a 2 or 3 man tent is OK. Because it is easy to be rolled up and be compacted to the size of sleeping bag, which is easy to manage.
So, even if it is a small compact tent, which can also have enough adequate room for you and your passenger, as well as your tour gear. Many 2 or 3 man tents have a porch area where you can put your belongings there, if you wouldn’t want to put them out.


Make sure what type of tent you should carry according to the climate. In the hot climate regions where often accompanied with colder nights, such as desert climates. Using a tent with an inner sleeping compartment is advisable, which have an inner wall to reduce the condensation, so that keep you away from a wet morning.

The cheaper “pop up” tents apply to the warmer climate area where the temperatures are stable, no too much temperature difference. Because the inner heat and humidity of tent is similar to the outside, which won’t have chance to form condensation.

If you haven’t had an adventure touring tent, it is time to purchase one. The price of this kind of tents is from $ 220 — $ 460, a little expensive, but it is easy to erect and provide big enough space for two people having a comfortable accommodation.

If you have planned a motorcycle camping touring and finished the preparatory work, but no friends to accompany with you. You can look for a riding buddies with similar interests on biker dating websites to complete this wonderful plan. Come on guys, your biker match is waiting for you there.