How to be a real motorcycle rider?

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Do you remember the first time that you ride on the back of a motorcycle? Do you feel good about yourself on the backseat and still remember feeling of freedom and independence that coursed through you as you move on the road. Maybe it happened when you riding in the back of your parent’s car as a kid, and you saw a motorcycle rider past you on the two-lane highway. For some people, the desire to ride is fueled by simply seeing a motorcycle race, and even just talking to those who have ridden before. However you got your start, it does not matter. You know that you were bitten by the motorcycle bug, and there is no cure.

Chances are if you love to ride, these feelings are more than just a memory to you; they are a part of your soul, coursing through your blood at any given waking moment in your life. In a very real sense, the low hum of the idling chopper or the purr of the engine when it first wakes up is something you hear in your sleep. It is something that really can’t be explained or described to someone without having them join you on the back of your bike and going for a ride around town. Many around you would call it an obsession, but you know better. You simply love to ride, and everything that goes along with it.

The feeling you get when you and the motorcycle are roaring down the highway is nothing you can describe or let go. The second step to feel you are a real biker is to find some biker friends and ride with them together. Many single biker women or biker guys always join some local motorcycle clubs or biker gangs. They like motorcycle rally and biker event, since they can enjoy a group riding. If you want to be a real motorcycle rider, you should try you best to join them who are real biker too.