Famous motorcycle riders in Hollywood Do not represent all bikers

Famous bikers

Famous motorcycle riders are good sample for other Harley girls and guys.

It is also important to remember that bikers are human, and they will have traits or characteristics that are less than desirable. It is not my intention to say that all bikers are bad, or that everyone shares the traits those famous motorcycle riders in Hollywood has made into the biker stereotype, but to not mention some of the bad traits you might run across would be very foolhardy indeed. Remember, these traits and characteristics are not seen in any biker, or even most bikers, but they do exist. By knowing about their existence, you’ll be better able to steer clear of them when they are recognized.

Like it or not, there is a certain element of disregard for authority figures that run through some people, whether they are single motorcycle enthusiasts or not. Since the biker lifestyle promotes independence, and individuality, quite a number of people who are fighting against the authorities are attracted to the biker lifestyle. Whether they believe that people who work with the police or government are out to get them, corrupt, or some combination of the two is hard to say. They may even be justified in their beliefs, but in many cases their search for justice or to “stick it to the man” can be more trouble in a relationship that what it’s worth. After all, a relationship is essentially about the two people involved, not the rest of the world.

Another troublesome characteristic that is sometimes seen in the biker community is those who believe that the only reason to become a biker is to get access to wilder and better sex. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with being attracted to those who ride motorcycles, or embracing various fetishes associated with the motorcycle lifestyle, making that your only reason for getting on the back of a motorcycle can only lead to problems.

Simply put, there are many different types of people who are attracted to the biker lifestyle, and not everyone is at the same maturity level when it comes to sexual ideas. As in every other aspect of the biker lifestyle, independence and individuality is strongly promoted, and a mutual respect and understanding of someone’s desires should be respected. It can also lead to a one-dimensional relationship that is hard to maintain over the long haul.

The other troublesome trait that is sometimes seen in the biker community is the perchance for taking risks. In reality, this trait is extremely uncommon in the biker community. After all, men and women motorcycle riders are often more cautious when they ride, and are more aware of their surroundings than other drivers on the road. However, the television and movies have often depicted bikers as rebels, risk takers, and other things that may make the biker lifestyle look more attractive on the screen. Unfortunately this media stereotype has led to some people joining the biker community based on the desire to do something “wild and crazy”.

It should be noted, once again, that these negative traits don’t define the biker community any more than they define another community. Like life in general, there are people with both good and bad traits in the biker clubs. There are people that can become life-long friends, and there are people who you would rather avoid. It’s important to be able to recognize each type within the biker club, just like you recognize them in other areas of your life.

There are many more traits that bikers share, of course, but one of the most important is their individuality. There are so many different types of people that enjoy riding a motorcycle, and for many different reasons. There are those who love riding far away from the city lights, and look to the stars for their guidance. Others love the feeling of watching the city lights as they blink on when the sun begins to fade. Others find that the best time to go for a bike ride is in the mid-morning right after the dew has been burnt off the grass. It truly all depends on individual tastes.