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There are many factors about biker life will tell you what biker lifestyle is. For example, riding with partners for a motorcycle travel, hooking up with a single for biker girl camping, group riding with plenty of bikers for sharing experience, joining some biker clubs or bars, attending to local motorcycle rallies or events. If you are a biker, you must be up on those biker activities.

Ride with your online biker friends to amusement parks to have childish fun

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Take your biker girl to play a biker game after your biker meeting.

Remember when you were young motorcycle rider, and going to the amusement park was something that you looked forward to each summer? The candy, the rides, the roller coasters or those tea cups that you could spin around at dizzying speeds all made the trip just a little more memorable than last time. One of the reasons why you enjoyed your time, besides the fun activities was the people who accompanied you. Having fun with biker friends, meeting new motorcycle riders, and learning which rides and amusements are enjoyable can be a great way to pass the time. Continue reading

Move from online biker dating to first biker date in person

Move from online dating site to life.

Meet bikers in a local bar or club when you have chatted on biker dating site.

After you created your online biker dating profile, and have started to field interest from a number of online participants. Emails have been sent out, some answered, and some left by the wayside because something in them simply didn’t click. You’ve braved the forums, had interesting discussions in the chat rooms, and eventually found yourself talking with a certain individual for the majority of your time.

There is certainly seems to be a connection, but it can be difficult to tell for sure when the two of you are separated by a computer screen. Believe it or not, there will come a time when the idea of actually meeting in person becomes one that should be explored. But how do you go about doing it? How and when do you approach the subject? Finally, where do you go and what do you do on your first actual in person biker date?

The first step is to relax and take a deep breath. True, transitioning from the online biker dating site to meeting in the real world can be a bit unnerving, but it’s not an earth shattering event. Chances are the other person is probably as nervous as you, and desperately trying to hide the fact. But really, there are quite a few reasons it can work out extremely well.

The first reason is that you already have some areas of common interest. You both share the love of riding motorcycles, and the biker lifestyle. Second, you’ve taken the time to learn a few things about them through your conversations. In reality, that puts you on much firmer ground than those who simply meet for the first time in a blind date situation.

Second, since both of you are using an online biker dating system, you know the potential pitfalls and advantages of doing so. If things were done correctly, profiles would have been completed honestly, expectations would have been explained, and the overall feelings presented should have been genuine ones. Both you and your online biker friend have taken the steps necessary to hopefully find exactly what you need and want.

Most motorcycle riders are friendly and honest on biker dating site

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Meet bikers in your area on

An online biker dating profile can be a wonderful tool to use in order to meet new biker friends, start new riding relationships, or perhaps find the one single biker woman that you want to spend the rest of your life with. Whatever your reason having a good profile that is honest, unique and approachable is extremely important. It is also important to keep your pictures honest, your content fresh, and eye catching for those who might be interested. Above all, though it is important to keep your profile a true and good reflection of who you are.

It’s also important to keep a few safety issues in mind when using an online profile or biker dating site to search for companionship. Just like in the real world, there are a number of people out there that are not searching for a healthy long term relationship, but rather for people to harm or to rob.

Remember that the majority of single motorcycle riders searching online for companionship in the biker dating website are just like you – friendly, honest, fun loving and always looking for the next great ride. However, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for those who are a bit more untruthful than the rest.

Bikers are humorous, show others your funny motorcycle

funny biker motorcycle

Let other bikers know you are funny when dating on biker sites.

It’s also a good idea to keep your written profile relatively short. Remember that the people are searching through possibly thousands of profiles of other biker singles, and there really isn’t time to read through a novel-worth of material. Instead, think of it as writing the blurb you find at the back of the book. The purpose of an online biker dating profile is to whet someone’s appetite, and get them interested in learning more about you. It’s also a good idea to read the profile aloud. If it takes more than two to three minutes to read and understand, it can probably be shortened.

Another thing you want to consider when you are developing your online profile is its entertainment potential. Remember, there are a lot of profiles of men and women motorcycle riders, so it’s a good idea to write something that will set yours apart, make it more noticeable. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to make the reader smile, just a little bit. Show others your funny biker lifestyle or your funny motorcycle.

The source of independence goes beyond just riding a motorcycle

Ride and date by yourself.

As a true biker, they do not like to date someone who do not ride.

One of the most recognizable traits that motorcycle women and men share is that of independence. After all, the feeling of freedom, of being your own person, and being answerable to no one but yourself is one of the things that attract many people to be a motorcycle rider. However, this streak of independence goes beyond just riding a motorcycle. It is something that permeates all of their lives, from the home to work, and play.

Bikers will value their friendships, and there is no doubt that they enjoy riding out with friends together to have a good time. But make no mistake; when given a choice between going it alone or doing something that they disagree with, many bikers will happily choose the former. There is a type of underlying pride to this sense of independence. It is a quiet one, one that isn’t spoken about too much by other riders, but it is still there. It isn’t represented by the patches or the leather jackets, or even really by the tricked out motorcycles. This pride shines through in the way that a biker acts and speaks.

Make no mistake, a single biker does take pride in their bike, their friends, the people that they have chosen to associate with, and the things they love, but underneath it all, the source of all that pride is the belief in their independence. Find and meet a single biker women or single Harley man if you like the lifestyle of independence.

Find bikers friend and share the ride of your life

Motorcycle tralving love.

Ride with a biker for camping love.

For many bikers, there is a certain pride that they take in their ride. It’s a point of honor to take something that is destined for the junk yard, repair it, make it better, and ultimately bring it back to a life on the road. There are those who can take an older bike and turn it into a complete eye catcher, and then use it for some completely awesome stunts on the highway. There are often contests around the country where bikers compare and compete by showing off their handiwork, their skill in creating the most outrageous motorcycles. Single motorcycle women or men will come from around the country to share ideas, tips, and decide on which bike is the most unique.

For many people, the life that comes with riding a motorcycle is something that is too attractive to just dream about. The sense of belonging to something beyond yourself, while still maintaining your individual identity is something that many people gravitate to on a regular basis. There is a very real sense of biker friendship, of companionship that flows through this culture, and it can be easy to see why so many people have fallen in love with single bikers and the biker lifestyle.

But what happens when a single motorcycle man or woman wishes to make a solid connection with another individual? What should they look for, and where should they start the search? After all, the biker culture is pretty big, and the lifestyle is extremely varied and vast. It can seem very overwhelming, indeed. Thankfully it is this diversity and vastness that can make the search for that special someone a lot easier than you might think. The first thing to determine is what you’re looking for. Luckily, there are so many different people within the biker community that it is fairly easy to find what you want. The trick is to simply know what you’re interested in, and where to find it.

Biker lifestyle is about your honor and how you live your life

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Biker Lifestyle is about how motorcycle riders live and love other biker girls or guys.

While the practicality of using a motorcycle in your daily life does offer a lot of advantages and reasons to ride, for most bikers, it’s just the icing on the cake. Riding a motorcycle allows you to enter into a completely different world, one where the ideals and romance of the Old West and the chivalry of the Middle Ages hasn’t quite died. The biker lifestyle has almost a primal and indescribable appeal that harkens back to a time when things weren’t so complicated.

Perhaps that appeal, the desire to return to a simpler way of thinking is what is the most appealing about the biker lifestyle. Take away all the trappings, the leather, the girls, the patches, the friendships, even the charities, what are you left with? In a very real sense the biker lifestyle begins and ends with two things. In the end, it’s the rider and his or her motorcycle that is the start of everything that is being built in the biker lifestyle. Everything begins with the feel of the motorcycle as you travel down the road, and the connection you begin to feel when you strip away all the excess framework and complications that surround you in daily life. Once you have this, once you know what is real and what is true, rebuilding your life in the way that you want, the way that it was meant to be can begin. From this point forward, the friendships and relationships you create can have a better and more solid foundation, since you know who and what you are, and what you can be.

In a very real sense, bikers share a common bond, one that can transcend words and that is fueled by actions both on and off the bike. It is a code learned from experience and friendship, and will extend from the old timers that wear the motorcycle leathers to those wearing jeans and sneakers while they ride.

Each and every one of them understands that everything goes back to the ride, and is supported by the feeling that you get when you get on a motorcycle. It is about the balance between freedom and responsibility, of individualism and being part of a group. It’s about taking care of your own, and reaching out for help from your brethren when needed. In a very real sense, the biker lifestyle has nothing to do with the leather jacks, biker helmets or the grease beneath your fingertips. It’s about your honor, and how you live your life.

The erroneous understanding of outlaw bikers

Meet outlaw biker singles for love

Are you a member of local outlaw biker clubs?

You probably won’t find too many bikers who will lie, cheat or steal. Sure, there are those who do perform criminal acts, but really isn’t that true for just about any segment of society? Since many bikers exist on the edges of society, they know how truly valuable their word can be. Another aspect of this part of the biker mentality is that it is nearly impossible to find a snitch within a motorcycle group. Part of it is loyalty to those who ride, but the majority of it is taking responsibility for solving the problems that you see.

After all, life and riding has taught you that not everyone can be counted on to do the right thing, or to help those who need it. Also, you’ll be hard pressed to find a biker who will complain, even when the situation warrants it. It goes back to the idea of solving your own problems. If the problem is too big for you to solve on your own, then ask for help, but never, ever, let your chin lower, or your gaze waver. Riding a motorcycle is about never giving up. Whether it is a fight, an argument, or even a business deal, it’s not within a biker’s nature to back down. It’s this tenacity that has made many of the wealthy people in the country, and make no mistake; there are a number of bikers among them.

Biker lifestyle promotes individual responsibility and individual freedom

Ride free on open road.

Riding alone on the free way is not the choice of all bikers. Do you like to ride with other riders?

Being part of the motorcycle community isn’t just about helping other bikers. As individuals, we know that it takes all kinds to make the world a better place, so most bikers are not above helping others outside their clubs. The idea of integrity runs rampant through a motorcyclist’s mentality, and in most cases it would be considered extremely low to not help out a someone in need, especially if it is within your power to do so. For example there are quite a few bikers who also volunteer as firemen, first responders and other medical professionals. When they are not on their motorcycles, they are often on the front lines, seeing the best and the worst of what mankind has to offer. There are even examples of bikers protecting funerals of fallen soldiers from disrespect shown by people who do not share the belief that a funeral is a time for reflection on a life, not a way to protest about political and social concerns.

In addition to being helpful to those who need it, and respectful to those who have earned it, bikers as a group generally do not judge. Having been judged by many, for either good or ill based on the clothes they wear or the lifestyle that they led, it’s easy to see how the idea of not judging others came into play. A biker doesn’t concern himself with what you are doing, or the morality of your actions, unless it is doing harm to those he has chosen to protect. Many believe that it is not up to him to pass judgments, instead leaving that in more capable hands. Simply put, the biker lifestyle promotes individual responsibility and individual freedom. It supplies the freedom that many of us are yearning for, based on the reality that life in general, and the world around us is becoming more and more restrictive as the time passes.

It is because of this restriction, this tightening of the controls on our daily life that force those with this independence streak to try and break free and go tearing down the highway or back roads, at least for just a little while. Being a biker is about using your creativity and ingenuity to make things work. That’s another part of the biker’s code of conduct.

Search biker singles both in the real world and through internet

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If you’ve decided that searching through online biker dating service is well, simply too impersonal, there are other options available. There are also a few advantages to starting your search in the real world instead of the virtual one. For starters, it’s a lot harder for someone to hide behind a screen name when you’re facing them. Also, since most biker meetings are arranged in a very public place, there is the added benefit of safety. If you feel uncomfortable, or your warning bells go off, there is usually a way to make a quick, but polite exit. Also, you get the added benefit of being outside, and have the potential to ride your motorcycle, which is always a good thing.

That being said, there are some disadvantages to meeting biker people through real world motorcycle groups. First, the selection and quantity might not be what you’re expecting. Let’s face it, your local watering hole or meeting venue doesn’t get as many people coming there as you would meet on the internet. Second, there is the cost of travel to the place of meeting, as well as the time off work, or away from your home. Depending on your schedule, making the time to meet a group of motorcycle riders you may or may not like face to face can be problematic. Another factor to consider is the weather. If it’s an outside event, such as a barbeque, things such as rain or other inclement weather can be a real damper on the festivities. However, with all the advantages and disadvantages to trying to find a companion in person, there are still quite a few possibilities worth mentioning. Here are just a few suggestions.