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Biker clubs including female motorcycle clubs, male Harley clubs and outlaw biker clubs always organized by some veteran motorcycle riders. Another great factor of motorcycle clubs it that they are always divided by the riding types of the club members. Most clubs do not request a membership fee since they are sponsored by some motorcycle brands.

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Many women love to riding motorcycle, just riding as passenger and riding behind their motorcycle guys, but there are still lots of women love to ride their own bikes and enjoy the right to ride. Although some motorcycle groups do not support biker women, it is well known that motorcycle men would be very thrilled if some biker girls join their motorcycle club and riding with them together. They think biker girls are not far behind of course.

Motorcycle women can play many roles in some motorcycle clubs when the club members plan a group riding out. Continue reading

The erroneous understanding of outlaw bikers

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You probably won’t find too many bikers who will lie, cheat or steal. Sure, there are those who do perform criminal acts, but really isn’t that true for just about any segment of society? Since many bikers exist on the edges of society, they know how truly valuable their word can be. Another aspect of this part of the biker mentality is that it is nearly impossible to find a snitch within a motorcycle group. Part of it is loyalty to those who ride, but the majority of it is taking responsibility for solving the problems that you see.

After all, life and riding has taught you that not everyone can be counted on to do the right thing, or to help those who need it. Also, you’ll be hard pressed to find a biker who will complain, even when the situation warrants it. It goes back to the idea of solving your own problems. If the problem is too big for you to solve on your own, then ask for help, but never, ever, let your chin lower, or your gaze waver. Riding a motorcycle is about never giving up. Whether it is a fight, an argument, or even a business deal, it’s not within a biker’s nature to back down. It’s this tenacity that has made many of the wealthy people in the country, and make no mistake; there are a number of bikers among them.

Famous motorcycle riders in Hollywood Do not represent all bikers

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Famous motorcycle riders are good sample for other Harley girls and guys.

It is also important to remember that bikers are human, and they will have traits or characteristics that are less than desirable. It is not my intention to say that all bikers are bad, or that everyone shares the traits those famous motorcycle riders in Hollywood has made into the biker stereotype, but to not mention some of the bad traits you might run across would be very foolhardy indeed. Remember, these traits and characteristics are not seen in any biker, or even most bikers, but they do exist. By knowing about their existence, you’ll be better able to steer clear of them when they are recognized.

Like it or not, there is a certain element of disregard for authority figures that run through some people, whether they are single motorcycle enthusiasts or not. Since the biker lifestyle promotes independence, and individuality, quite a number of people who are fighting against the authorities are attracted to the biker lifestyle. Whether they believe that people who work with the police or government are out to get them, corrupt, or some combination of the two is hard to say. They may even be justified in their beliefs, but in many cases their search for justice or to “stick it to the man” can be more trouble in a relationship that what it’s worth. After all, a relationship is essentially about the two people involved, not the rest of the world.

Another troublesome characteristic that is sometimes seen in the biker community is those who believe that the only reason to become a biker is to get access to wilder and better sex. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with being attracted to those who ride motorcycles, or embracing various fetishes associated with the motorcycle lifestyle, making that your only reason for getting on the back of a motorcycle can only lead to problems.

Simply put, there are many different types of people who are attracted to the biker lifestyle, and not everyone is at the same maturity level when it comes to sexual ideas. As in every other aspect of the biker lifestyle, independence and individuality is strongly promoted, and a mutual respect and understanding of someone’s desires should be respected. It can also lead to a one-dimensional relationship that is hard to maintain over the long haul.

The other troublesome trait that is sometimes seen in the biker community is the perchance for taking risks. In reality, this trait is extremely uncommon in the biker community. After all, men and women motorcycle riders are often more cautious when they ride, and are more aware of their surroundings than other drivers on the road. However, the television and movies have often depicted bikers as rebels, risk takers, and other things that may make the biker lifestyle look more attractive on the screen. Unfortunately this media stereotype has led to some people joining the biker community based on the desire to do something “wild and crazy”.

It should be noted, once again, that these negative traits don’t define the biker community any more than they define another community. Like life in general, there are people with both good and bad traits in the biker clubs. There are people that can become life-long friends, and there are people who you would rather avoid. It’s important to be able to recognize each type within the biker club, just like you recognize them in other areas of your life.

There are many more traits that bikers share, of course, but one of the most important is their individuality. There are so many different types of people that enjoy riding a motorcycle, and for many different reasons. There are those who love riding far away from the city lights, and look to the stars for their guidance. Others love the feeling of watching the city lights as they blink on when the sun begins to fade. Others find that the best time to go for a bike ride is in the mid-morning right after the dew has been burnt off the grass. It truly all depends on individual tastes.

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Today, there are biker clubs that span every area of the country, every type of motorcycle, and nearly every race, color or creed. And while many of the public associate motorcycle clubs with more of the outlaw motorcycle gangs that exist, many biker clubs are making sure that their sense of honor and responsibility to the community gets in the limelight. In many cases, being part of a motorcycle club or a biker club isn’t just about being true to yourself and loyal to your friends. It’s also about helping out the community, and taking care of the less fortunate.

Bikers clubs are not only known for wearing patches and leather, but also for the various charities that they support. There are many out there, and many of them involve raising awareness and money by doing something that biker’s already love to do—riding their motorcycle.

For example, the charity known as Rolling Thunder was started by a group of Vietnam War veterans in 1987 and was incorporated in 1995. It is a non-profit organization with over 90 chapters worldwide. The membership is varied, containing men, and women, veterans and non-veterans alike. However, the driving force behind their commitment is the same. The goal of this group is to bring full accountability for the various Prisoners of War and Missing in Action that exist in the world today.
Their aim is to remind the government and the people in their countries that there are still some out there who fought, and who are fighting for the ideals that their country believes in.

Like many motorcycles clubs and organizations, Rolling Thunder made itself known soon after the idea was created. Born out of the desire to bring accountability and exposure to those still dealing with the POW/MIA crisis, a ride on Washington D.C. was organized for Memorial Day Weekend in 1988. Members of Rolling Thunder reached out to their friends and families, other veterans, and veteran’s advocates to form a march and demonstration on the nation capital. However, this demonstration would be conducted in a way that only bikers could achieve. Their arrival wouldn’t be marked by the shouts of slogans or singing of political anthems, but rather by the roar of motorcycle engines.

Not surprisingly, word spread quickly, and by the time that Memorial Day 1988 came, nearly 2,500 motorcycles from all over the nation came to Washington D.C. From those small, but significant beginnings, Rolling Thunder has helped to raise awareness of the plight of POWs and MIAs with their annual Freedom Ride or Ride to the Wall, which is a ride from Capitol Hill to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. From that first ride in 1988, those 2,500 souls have grown into a number reaching 900,000.

Another charity that has grown in popularity among motorcycle groups is the March of Dimes. This well-known charity has strived for decades to reduce the number of premature babies that are born into the world. Premature birth often leads to significant health problems, disability, and sometimes even death of the babies involved. Therefore the aim of the charity is to make sure that all babies, everywhere is carried to a full and healthy term.

Bikers for Babies is the motorcycle answer to the call of the March of Dimes to raise awareness to the problem of premature birth. On a yearly basis, nearly 35,000 bikers will participate in a ride across the country to raise money and awareness for the March of Dimes cause. It is a gathering of many different individuals, and many gladly pay the entrance fee for the event, and collect donations from family and friends for the event. For many bikers, a charity event like this is considered an all-around win. Not only do they get to ride their motorcycle on some of the most scenic roads, but they also raise money and awareness for an extremely worthy cause.

There are a number of other charities that have been adopted by various motorcycle or biker clubs over the years. Some focus on taking care of the children of fellow bikers who have died, some focus on the rehabilitation of veterans, and others focus on making sure that kids have the best of opportunities in their lives. In almost all cases, however, biker charities have a number of common characteristics. The first is that the charities involved enjoy a significant boost in public awareness and financial resources. The second is that the bikers often choose to help by doing what they do best – riding their motorcycle.