Building a interesting Relationship with your biker match

The first couple to be wed at the 100th anniversary celebration for the legendary U.S. motorcycle company Harley-Davidson pulls up outside the company headquarters in Milwaukee August 28, 2003. Lester Searcy (L), driving a 2002 Harley Low Rider FXDL carries his bride-to-be Mary Ann Tripoli. Fourteen couples were to be married over the four day celebration. REUTERS/Rick Wilking

Riding is one of the most fun activities that a most single motorcycle enthusiasts can enjoy. However, sometimes keeping things interesting can be challenge. When you’re starting a new biker relationship, you can definitely have a mix of emotions. A relationship can bring happiness, frustration, trepidation, elation, and excitement, perhaps even in the same day. It can feel like you’re walking on air, without a care in the world.

However, the excitement, the newness of the relationship doesn’t last forever. In fact for some relationships, it is over rather quickly. So the question becomes, how do you keep the fire smoldering and hot, instead of letting it fade away? How do you keep the communication lines open, and the interest piqued long after you and your biker woman ridden together down your favorite road?

It is important to remember that any relationship, whether you are a friend, lover, co-worker or even a parent requires work. Many people new to relationships think that everything should come easily, that simply being with the person will allow things to develop smoothly without too much effort. However, those who have solid, long lasting relationships know that the truth is something very different. For any relationship to be a strong one, effort by both your and your biker match need to be put into the relationship.