Motorcycle love affair is a faith and a religion

motorcycle couples

Motorcycle couples ride together for a affair .

For many people who love motorcycles, riding is about the ride itself and yet so much more. It is a faith, a religion; a way of being that can truly transcend most everything else in a life. In a very real sense, it can be likened to a type of romantic love, one that lifts you up when you are living in the gutters, and will make you feel like you can do anything. It can be complicated, and yet so very simple.

The love affair with a motorcycle can be almost instinctive at times, organic in nature, virtuous and yet primal in its intensity. Other times riding a motorcycle is nothing more than a string of experiences tied together through the shifting of gears and revving of the throttle. No matter what it is, simple, complicated, calming or thrilling, riding a motorcycle is an experience that very few would dismiss or forget.

For many riders, getting on the back of a motorcycle is about one thing. It is about freedom. On the bike you don’t have to worry about your boss yelling at you, the deadlines looming back at the office, or the pile of dirty dishes that are piled up in the sink. When you put on the helmet, you know that at least for a little bit you don’t have to worry about studying for classes, exams, other people or anything else. It really is just about you, the bike and the road.

For many riders, young and old, getting on a motorcycle is a way to feel complete. There is the rush when you first feel the breeze hit your face, the increase in your pulse as your first leap down the road or navigate the next bend in the road. It is a great way to return to the primal sense of connection that you sometimes feel with the road and the world around you.

Riding with me and starting a desirable conversation

ride with me

Riding with me and share my motorcycle passion.

Owning a motorcycle is so desirable is the fact that it can be a great way to start a conversation. Whether you are riding out over to your favorite watering hole to get a drink, or simply down to the local convenience store to get a few odds and ends, chances are people will come up and start a conversation, admiring your motorcycle. It can be a great ice breaker, and you’ll soon learn if there is an enthusiastic rider in the group.

While riding with friends can be quite fulfilling, it isn’t the only reason why so many people choose to get on the back of a bike. In a very real sense, when everything is clicking together, there is something profoundly personal about the ride. Everything from your grip on the handle bars to the way that you lean to take the turn seems to work together perfectly. When those moments happen, there seems to be nothing wrong in the world.

If you think about it, the motorcycle is really the last vehicle that promotes this brand of oneness and freedom. It provides the total package, including the view, sound, smell, and yes even the tactile sensation of the world around you. As a rider, if you take the time to choose the right motorcycle, the whole process can become a truly amazing experience.

Riding a motorcycle is so much different from driving around in a car

men and women who ride a motorcycle

Women who riding a motorcycle is more attracted to a biker man.

The truth is that as a biker you enjoy the company of other riders more than just about anyone else. It doesn’t really matter what they ride, only that they understand the freedom and independence that comes with the act. There is something to be said for being around people who understand your frustrations when the engine doesn’t purr the way it should, or if your paint job gets a scratch. There is something about pulling out onto the highway, a member of a long line of other bikers that gives you a sense of belonging that few other things can match. Once you’ve become a part of this group, once you’ve become a true biker, it can be difficult to be anything else.

Riding a motorcycle is so much different from driving around in a car. Today’s cars allow so many conveniences and insulate the driver from the world around them. It’s almost like watching a live television show while you drive around your neighborhood. In a car, you are a passive observer to all that surrounds you, a protective framework of rubber, wire, plastic and steel surrounding you. You have a GPS navigation system to tell you where you need to go, a blinking light to remind you when to put your seat belt on, and even a bell to let you know when your door hasn’t been shut. There are windows and windshields to shield you from the outside environment, and fans, heaters and air conditioning to keep you nice and comfortable on your daily commute. There is also a way to easily play your favorite music and sing along without thinking. It’s a created environment where sometimes the connection to the world around you is lost.

It’s different on a motorcycle. That protective, and some say restrictive frame is gone. You are more physically and mentally in contact with the world around you. The environment is no longer sitting outside your window of shatterproof glass or beneath the steel at your feet. The air is whipping around your helmet, you can feel the heat of the day on your right arm, smell the exhaust from the other vehicles. You can feel the sensations and sounds of the life around you. In a very real sense riding a motorcycle allows you to become awash in the sensations of the world and the life around you. You feel the rain and snow. You know that the sun is glaring down on your back, and your body feels the rise and sigh of every bump in the road. Unlike a car, there is no feeling of passive separation. There is only a feeling of active engagement.

Motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy a culture and a lifestyle

motorcycle enthusiasts

Harley motorcycle enthusiasts love to ride ride on open road.

All motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy a culture and a lifestyle all their own. How that lifestyle is defined is different for each rider. For some, calling themselves a biker means that they have ridden for thousands of miles on their bike. Some claim the moniker of a biker because they simple cannot stand being away from the open air, or they get antsy when they are forced to exist within a metal box like a car or a truck.

Still others claim the biker lifestyle because they love to tinker with, and improve the various motorcycles that they come in contact with. Still others identify more with the act of attending and riding through various rallies. Of course, there are also those who see the biker lifestyle as being centered on riding and riding alone. For others, there is something almost sexual about being around the motorcycles. There is a type of primal power that can only be experienced on the back of a motorcycle, and it has a way of being very, very attractive. The bottom line is that if a person is a part of the biker culture, the motorcycle and all that comes with it is an integral part of their lives.

For most true motorcycle riders, any or all of these statements can apply to them and the way that they live their life. Riding a motorcycle is more than just a Sunday hobby, even if that is the only time that you get to ride. For many bikers, riding is a way to relieve stress, a way to enjoy the freedom that only an open road and a 100cc engine can provide. Bikers will always prefer to ride instead of taking another vehicle, whether it’s just to visit our friends, or head down to the local watering hole. If you think about it, even running to the store to pick up a few items for dinner is more enjoyable on the back of a bike. After all, that’s why backpacks and saddle bags were invented.

Benefits of finding biker friends to share the ride with

biker friends

Motorcycle partners are important for all riders.

You know the benefits to finding someone to share the ride with. You know that having someone nearby can help you maintain good physical and mental health. It can also help keep your stress levels under control, and make sure that you reduce the various risks that you take. But in a very real sense, finding someone to ride with can help the society as a whole. Think about it for a moment. When are you at your most productive? When can you do your best work, make the biggest contribution to those around you?

In most cases, the answer to those questions is when you have the best biker support group around you. Someone who is there in your life that understands you welcomes you with all your flaws and virtues, your quirks and tendencies means that you can concentrate on keeping things going forward. You know that you don’t constantly have to keep rebuilding the foundations that you have built together over time. Now imagine that feeling of security being felt and enjoyed by not just you, but other people around you. Think about the idea of those you work with, the various towns and cities, even regions in the world being able to move ahead and grow and change into something new and different. Little by little it, through one relationship at a time, the country and the world can be made a better and different place.

These are just a few of the multiple reasons why many motorcycle enthusiasts decide to look for some biker friends to share their love of motorcycle riding and the life that goes along with it. It provides a way for you to share in the long love affair between the motorcycle and rider, and the other aspects of someone’s loves and life. It helps to keep you safe, maintain good physical and mental health, and helps you to realize what truly is important in your life and worth preserving. It can also introduce you to worlds that you might never see, even if you travel down every road you come across.

In general terms, building a relationship, whether it is through a friendship or something more has been proven as a way to make you and your life that much better. And really, you don’t need the scientific evidence to know that having a relationship is a good thing. You know that having a relationship is good for you since it makes you feel better overall. Thankfully, it is becoming much easier to find various possibilities with the growing biker community. No matter your race, religion, creed or orientation, there are fellow bikers that share you interests, point of views and even your desire for a more serious biker relationship. There are countless of individuals to choose from, and chances are you’ll find exactly what you are looking for without any real problem.

So what is it about the biker lifestyle that is so attractive? What is it making the enthusiasm for motorcycle riding to spread throughout so many different cultures, age groups, and over a large economic spectrum? Is it all about the motorcycle, or is it something more? There are as many answers to those questions as there are bikers and motorcycle dating sites.

Meet Local Christian Biker Men and Women

date a christian biker

Christian Biker couples riding on the safe road.

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Plan a Safe Ride with Other Motorcycle Riders

safe ride

It is important to ride safely with others.

A very important reason that many bikers begin the search for someone riding buddies to share the ride with them is a simple matter of safety. Riding a motorcycle, just by its very nature can be a dangerous proposition. Because of their sizes, it can be difficult for other drivers, especially in a larger vehicle to see the motorcycle, even if they are alert to their surroundings. Motorcyclists often have to be more reactive, more alert, and yes, more responsible than those around them.

Thankfully, by traveling together in a group, they can become more noticeable to those other drivers who may have a blind spot when it comes to bikers. Also, when there are a greater number of motorcycles on the road, and more exposure given to riding, more people are forced to notice the smaller vehicles and hopefully act accordingly.

However, beyond the safety that is inherent is traveling in a group, there is also a sense of safety that is experienced when you are off the road, and taking a break from the ride. When a good relationship exists between two motorcycle riders or more, there starts to be an understanding concerning the various risks that become acceptable.

Being in a relationship allows you to realize how important you really are, and how critical you are to the people and lives around you. By knowing that, chances are you would be hard pressed to take unnecessary risks. After all, you have someone waiting for you at home.

How to Share Ride with Biker Friends?

share ride with other local riders

Ride share is an important biker lifestyle.

As you know, there is more to your life than just riding, and there are more reasons than sharing the ride to seek out a motorcycle companionship and biker friendship. Developing a biker relationship with someone allows you to grow as a person, and offers you things that you simply cannot get on your own. A biker friend or a motorcycle lover who takes the time to understand you and build a relationship with you can offer a sense of comfort that can’t be matched. Imagine not having to fill in every little blank, or having the ability to re-start a conversation without having to rehash everything that came before.

Another aspect that a solid relationship or friendship can provide is the feeling of connectedness to another person or biker group. In a very real sense, one of the fears that are ingrained into the human race is the fear of being alone. Becoming connected to someone, either through a relationship or a friendship can provide a feeling of being a part of something, a feeling that many search for all their lives.

Creating a relationship, especially with someone who shares your love and passion for motorcycle riding can also be a great way to build a solid support system. Over time, they will see you at your glorious best, and uncompromising worst. They will know what your home or apartment looks like at 3 AM, and what you look like when you’ve had entirely too many whiskeys and sodas. However, despite all that, if the relationship is built on a solid foundation, the support system that you have developed will be there regardless of the mistakes that you make.

A good friendship or relationship can also be a great way to build up your self-confidence. Let’s face it; sometimes even the best personality can take a hit in the confidence department. However, by having an honest and strong support system, what you need to rebuild your confidence in what you are doing, and your ability to face the world.

While experiencing a sense of comfort, connectedness and a solid support system is extremely important, there are other things that a solid relationship can offer. A good riding relationship can offer you a check when your actions or thoughts aren’t the best for you. Imagine having someone to bring you back to reality when your anger or frustration comes bubbling up to the surface. They can help to keep you honest with yourself and those around you. A rider friend can bring a different perspective, pointing out things that you may have overlooked, and therefore maybe allowing you to follow a different and better path in the end. A friendship can also be a wonderful learning experience, both for learning about relationships in general, as well as the relationship you have with your iron horse.

Also, there is a sense of loyalty and growth that can be nurtured and promoted through a relationship with people who share the same interests and passions of riding motorcycle. Sharing the experiences of the garage, of riding on the open road, of trials and triumphs can help you make yourself a better person. Imagine working late at night, fitting a new fender or beehive tail light on your favorite bike. Exchanging thoughts and conversations over the installation of a replacement gas tank, or smiling with understandable pride as your friend opens up the throttle of your latest motorcycle creation. It is those feelings, the mixture of joy, pride and love that is best shared with others.

Another reason that many people overlook when considering looking for a relationship within the biker community is the number of ways that having a relationship can open you up to new possible friends on motorcycles. With the advent of the internet, there are ways to contact and learn about bike lovers from around the world. Whether you stay close to home, or look in places such as US, Canada, or UK, beginning the search for a relationship can lead to many new possibilities for friends. By beginning the search, you’ll be able to open your life to new possibilities and other people.

Sharing riding experience with people who ride

People who can ride their own motorcycle can share the road passion with you.

People who can ride their own motorcycle can share the road passion with you.

Perhaps the one aspect of a biker’s personality that is common across the board is the sense of independence and individuality that exists. In a world that breeds conformity and adherence to the prescribed structure, bikers by their very nature choose to head out on their own, and do their own thing. From the various additions to their bikes, to wearing clothing that stand out from the crowd, these people have long made it a point to follow their own path. It hasn’t always been easy. There are times when authorities see bikers as trouble makers, and sometimes even owning a motorcycle is enough to get you lumped together with all sorts of nefarious types. Stereotypes of motorcyclists abound, and quite a few people automatically assume that if you own a bike, you must be up to no good. Bikers have been accused of stealing, of drug dealing, and even worse including rape and murder. While those elements do exist, they also exist in nearly every walk of life. However, bikers, real bikers through their strength have maintained their love of independence and their love of traveling the open road.

It is this feeling of independence, of the romance of the open road that causes many people in the biker community to discover that the act of sharing it with someone can be a true blessing. After all, being a true individual can be daunting, even lonely at times. There are times when dealing with the various stares and whispers can be little unnerving at times. Walking into a restaurant in your motorcycle leathers can be a bit problematic, since quite a few people judge not from what a person says or does, but rather from their appearance. It’s a sad fact of life.

So finding other biker friends, other person that can relate to your lifestyle is something that more bikers are realizing is a good thing. It’s fun to sit down with a person over a cup of coffee or beer and talk with them about that ping you’ve been hearing from the exhaust on your Harley Roadster without their eyes glazing over half-way through your story. It can be enjoyable to take a few minutes and plan out a weekend ride up into the mountains on a nice spring day. And nothing beats sitting around a camp fire after a long day of riding and sharing stories about what you’ve seen and experienced that day. For many motorcycle enthusiasts, sharing these times with those who do not ride can be difficult. Those who don’t ride simply cannot understand the mixture of thrill, passion and calmness that exist whenever a ride is taken. Therefore many bikers search for companionship within a group of motorcycle lovers, After all, you know that they already share your love or motorcycles. There is a good chance that they may also share a few of your other loves

Single Men and Women who love to ride a motorcycle

invite a girl who can ride with you

Single Biker women or men should riding with people who ride ride, too.

In truth bikers come from all different walks of life. There are people like Steven, who works as a land inspector during the week, and rides like the devil on his Victory Judge, with 113 foot pounds of torque. Or perhaps you might run across someone like Maggie, a mother and a housewife that somehow finds the time to ride in between taking care of three kids and maintaining a house. Or perhaps you are like Karl, a retired stock broker who is finally getting a chance to ride a cruising motorcycle down the highway in the hills of Virginia. In your travels in the biker world, you’ll meet quite a number of people, some of which you never knew were motorcycle lovers.

Perhaps your dentist is an avid Harley fan, or the store clerk that you greet every morning as you get your coffee is secretly counting down the minutes until he can go out riding through the country side on that clear fall day. Motorcycle enthusiasts count among their number people from just about every culture, every economic background, and every profession. You’ll find everything from a Canada to a United Kingdom mechanic, from an American school teacher to a Austrilian barista. There are even people who have lost the use of their legs through an accident who have a specialized motorcycle designed for them to enjoy riding again. Truthfully, there are as many different riders as there are ways to enjoy motorcycle riding. If a person truly loves to ride, it doesn’t matter what they do for a living or where they reside. They will find a way to get on a bike and ride into the sunset.