Adventure biker travel is a dream of all women and men with a motorcycle

Take your biker babe to ride for a romantic motorcycle camping in your travel.

Take your biker babe to ride for a romantic motorcycle camping in your travel.

No better way to watch the beautiful sceneries than riding adventure or travel. Cruising across the state and enjoying the views from your motorcycle is absolutely different from skipping the scene from any other types of vehicles. You can imagine inviting your biker boyfriend and riding across the mountain near your city. Is there any thing more romantic than breathing the fresh air outdoors, sniffing the road flowers and kissing your biker boy in the camp? What a comfortable travel it is when you are far away from the crowds and noise of the city. Riding with friends for a adventure travel is every woman heart of dreams.

An adventure ride will give you many bid surprises than what you get from a guided motorcycle ride, especially when you ride with some new friends since you will experience not only many scenic roads but also many strangers you may create friendships with for a long time. Extrovert, out going nature and open mind are some important features of bikers, so they always try their best to make new friends who can share the same riding style as theirs. Riding with several friends together will ensure you feel totally safe in rural areas especially when you are planning a camping adventure. All the roads you have explored can be shared and experienced by all your friends in the same motorcycle club. The communicate with each other rider will increase your chances of meeting new friends and see a world near you.

Almost all bikers including both men and women are outdoor enthusiast, so they take every opportunity to ride to backcountries or international ways to explore new things and people. If you are a beginner women rider, I suggest you joining some local motorcycle clubs which offer some professional guides for adventure motorcycle trip near your town, and some useful experiences that many bikers have summarized. They can also help you design some great trips according to the requirement of you and your lover, which will help you save time and money, both worthy goals. As a result, you can enjoy a romantic travel easily and freely without any worry. All of this will make your trip as happy as possible.

Are you ready to plan a motorcycle adventure travel so far? If you are suffering for no one will accompany you to a romantic place, we will recommend a great dating site for biker. is the first biker dating site for Harley singles and all types of motorcycle riders. When you join the Harley bike club, you will not have to be part of any other local clubs or bars since you will be connected with tens of thousands of riders in your area. Place a dating profile and start sending winks and message to others, the site will take care of the rest. Good luck!

Biker Kiss Launches A New Dating App

biker kiss app

Biker Dating App, the biggest leading biker dating site, have released a brand new biker dating app which will make the connection with single bikers in your local area or around the world more interactive.

The new motorcycle dating app can be used in conjunction with the Biker Kiss website, which means the app already boasts thousands of biker members from the BikerKiss at the very start. Besides, the dating app includes a new search feature, gorgeous profiles surface, real name chat and much more features. And one of the most unique features of the app is that it will notify you when someone views your profile or someone sends you a message or a wink. This feature allows biker members to keep an eye on their accounts and get contact with their potential biker matches who are interested in them wherever they are.

You can use the app on your smart phones when you are on the move but with a full and more in-depth experience than you are using the desktop version. Except for the great number of features on the desktop version, the new dating app also provides much more new features for its biker users, such as personalizing profiles with a cover photo and image, selecting a number of character traits to express their personality to other bikers and so on.

Reid Pierce, one of the spokesmen of BikerKiss, comments, “Before creating the new Biker Kiss dating app, we have gathered numerous suggestions from our former users. And we acted on it. Many of the new features and design have come directly from emails sent to us and comments searched on Google. ”

And he adds,“BikerKiss is a great dating site that is different from many similar dating platforms because it was created for single biker men and biker women by a biker team. We know exactly what single bikers need when they are looking for a date or friendship on a biker dating service. It is the key that we can make BikerKiss more powerful and useful for single motorcycle riders.”

Biker Kiss is glad to offer this new dating app to its biker members which is a great tool for any single biker who is looking for a perfect biker dating experience online.

Where to meet biker singles for riding out or love?


Meet biker singles on the top 3 biker dating sites.

There is no doubt that the best place to meet biker singles for riding out or love is the biker dating site. With the changing of biker lifestyle, more and more single motorcyclists are willing to search their biker partner on the dating sites for single bikers, which is the most popular trend in the bikers’ world. However, you must realize that not all biker dating websites are good and suitable for you, so you need to choose the best one according to your true condition. Here we recommend the top 3 biker dating sites in the world to you. Perhaps, you can choose one right site for yourself to date a biker man or biker woman.

No.1- BikerKiss
This is a comprehensive dating site for bikers, because it will provide a variety of exciting, interesting, and generous dating services for you, such as the Biker Tattoo Show, Biker Forums and so on. It means that you can not only find your best matches by searching pages, but also can take part in many biker events to enrich your biker life. It is one of the biggest biker dating websites in the world which has millions of members. Due to this, it’s easy for you to look for a like-minded motorcycle rider or expand your eyes to know more about the motorcycle world. Anyway, it is a perfect site for motorcycle enthusiasts to share their happiness and passion.

No.2- Biker Planet
When you click it and enter the home page, you may feel amazed by its clear design. Because, there are only two colors with red and black which can help you find what you want in the shortest time. You have to admit that it is the most professional biker dating site in recent years. You will not see any unnecessary or confusing content in this site, because of its sole aim which is assisting every biker single to find their biker soul mate. So if you don’t want to understand more about other things and just want to mingle with bikers, just go to sign up it right away.

Just as its name implies, it is another professional and outstanding dating site only serving Harley motorcycle riders. When you are busy looking for your biker lover, you can learn many Harley riding skills on this site at the same time. Because it will offer you lots of motorcycle riding knowledge, such as the tips for motorcycle trip. So if you are a Harley Davidson motorcycle enthusiast, this site is the best choice for you to start your new future.

As we know, each site has its own characteristics, but the most important thing is that you have to find the one right site for yourself, then you will successfully date a biker online. Please take an action now.

Why single biker girls like Harley Fatboy

girl on fat boy

Harley girls like to ride fat boy Harley-Davidson motorcycle?

If you are a single Harley rider and looking for single biker women to ride as your Harley passenger. You may be proud of and have confidence in a fact that most biker women like ride on Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Reliable sources confirmed that some biker women could enjoy orgasm with a Harley riding form the stimulation of motorcycle engine vibrations. It says that vibration takes a higher quality of stimulation to help biker girls achieve a motorcycle riding climax.

In a Harley forum, we can see a post, which shows a biker woman ever read the biker dating profile of a Honda motorcycle rider and emailed the biker guy and ask if he owned a Harley motorcycle. They two wrote back and forth a few times, but the biker lady give up since the biker guy did not ride a Harley. She mentioned she only likes Harleys because of the vibration and some single Harley riders are sex machines. lol…

You can try the Harley dating site, no matter if you are a single Harley riders or other motorcycle riders as long as you are single motorcycle riders.

How to choose motorcycle tent for your biker camping dating

single biker girl

single biker girls on are waiting for you.

Motorcycle tour itself is an exciting and exhilarating experience, whether you go motorcycle touring alone with your biker buddies. You should consider that be sure have a suitable comfortable, safe and secure accommodation, especially if you go traveling with your biker friend with serious relationship.

Although there also are some cheaper accommodations, like economy hotels, B&B and youth hotels, if setting up a camp for the evening and spending a night chatting with your biker lover around the campfire that will be more meaningful and more economical.So let’s plan an amazing special motorcycle journey with camping.

General matters

The first important thing is that you should consider the size of your motorcycle. It is clear that the motorcycle space is a major consideration and also a deciding factor when purchasing a tent for traveling. And the next, you should consider the weight, we don’t want to carry extra weight to increasing the burden of travel. If you carry a 4 man tent for two people travel, which is not wise. In fact, a 2 or 3 man tent is OK. Because it is easy to be rolled up and be compacted to the size of sleeping bag, which is easy to manage.
So, even if it is a small compact tent, which can also have enough adequate room for you and your passenger, as well as your tour gear. Many 2 or 3 man tents have a porch area where you can put your belongings there, if you wouldn’t want to put them out.


Make sure what type of tent you should carry according to the climate. In the hot climate regions where often accompanied with colder nights, such as desert climates. Using a tent with an inner sleeping compartment is advisable, which have an inner wall to reduce the condensation, so that keep you away from a wet morning.

The cheaper “pop up” tents apply to the warmer climate area where the temperatures are stable, no too much temperature difference. Because the inner heat and humidity of tent is similar to the outside, which won’t have chance to form condensation.

If you haven’t had an adventure touring tent, it is time to purchase one. The price of this kind of tents is from $ 220 — $ 460, a little expensive, but it is easy to erect and provide big enough space for two people having a comfortable accommodation.

If you have planned a motorcycle camping touring and finished the preparatory work, but no friends to accompany with you. You can look for a riding buddies with similar interests on biker dating websites to complete this wonderful plan. Come on guys, your biker match is waiting for you there.

6 Best Tips to Make A Long-distance Relationship Between Bikers Work


Long or short motorcycle travel is a great choice for biker couples to meet up.

Many single biker men and women are reluctant to find their special one on online biker dating site, because they think there is a great chance that they will find their biker match far away from them. And they think long-distance won’t work out in the end. Yes, it won’t be easy for bikers to keep things going when they are apart and the distance may make things unachievable. However, long distance can make the simplest things to be sweet and wonderful for motorcycle riders, like being able to ride together, hold each others’ hands, eating together, seeing a movie, taking a walk along the river. To keep your relationship alive and strong, please check out these tips that can make long-distance love work.

1. Both of you need to be clear with what you expect of each other during this long-distance relationship and keep the expectations reasonable. Bikers have to admit that a long distance relationship is different from the ordinary relationship, there are actually many restrictions and limits between two motorcycle riders.

2. Bikers who are in a long-distance relationship need to try to communicate regularly and creatively. Start with greeting “good morning”and “good night” every day. And use phone, email and instant message tools to update your biker lover about your life and what happened during the day.

3. Try to do things together but separately. Two bikers can play an online game together on the internet, watch a motorcycle event at the same time on TV, sing to each other on Skype, take a walk together while video-calling, or out for a ride at the same time. Just try to make it creative and spontaneous.

4. Make visits to each other. Visit is the most precious and happiest thing to biker guys and biker women who are in a long-distance relationship. After all the waiting and yearning, two bikers can finally meet each other, hold hands, kiss each other and ride together. It is the highlight of long-distance relationships.

5. Try to be absolutely honest with each other. Single bikers need to know that trust is the foundation of every long distance relationship. Try to talk about all the happy things, worries, doubts and other feelings with each other. Don’t try to hide something from your biker date, which will make all of you feel so bad. Always try to be honest and open with each other.

6. Stay positive. Don’t let some humors and doubts destroy your confidence of a biker man or biker woman you are dating with. You need to be positive all the time and believe that all things will end well and you will be together one day. Be thankful that there is one biker you love and he or she is in love with you. Be grateful for the little things between you and your biker date.

Biker Dating Sites Help Single Bikers to Find A Date

biker dating for motorcycle couples

Meet your speical biker girl
on biker dating sites.

Motorcycling may be a means of transport for most people. But for bikers, it is a lifetime belief, an enjoyable entertainment, a way to relax themselves and a way of life. They worship riding to live and living to ride. It may be difficult to understand for those who are not into motorcycles, but one cannot deny that there are an increasing number of bikers out there wishing to devote themselves to motorcycling. It is not surprised that single bikers want to date someone who has similar interest and passion with them. Well, online biker dating sites can help bikers to meet more new single motorcycle riders from all over the world.

To put it simply, online biker dating site is just a platform for singles bikers who are looking for dating to get in touch with new bikers of different ages and from different places. Then get to know each other and develop a relationship if two members can get along well. Biker dating sites are not different from other dating platforms. They just tailor made for bikers or people who desire a date who loves riding motorcycles.

Before get to the essence of the site, it requires a registration. The process is simple, involving submitting a form with bikers’ user name, password, email address. And then a description of some personal details and personalities, as well as a description of what kind of bikers you want to hook up. Once it has been done, the website is waiting for single biker men and biker women to discover. The profiles bikers create at the very start will be viewable to other members and all members have the access to search other bikers’ profiles. The site also provides instant message and email service for its biker members to contact the one they are interested in.

Biker dating sites boast a huge member base, and all members have one thing in common – a passion for motorcycling. So, it is an excellent way for single riders to find someone who loves the same thing they love and meet more new biker friends. It is not always about serious relationships between biker guys and biker babes. Some members on biker dating sites are looking for a dating with single bikers and develop a long-term relationship, while some are just looking for like-minded friends who can truly understand them and communicate with them freely.

Online dating sites for bikers are built with the main purpose to get bikers who want a dating with another biker singles or someone who like biker lifestyle together. More single motorcycle riders, more chances. If you are in trouble of finding a date who can understand you, then it’s time to try online biker dating sites.

How to become a real female motorcycle rider?

biker gal

As a female, you may be interested in how to be a real biker girl?

It was not an easy thing to be a female motorcycle rider. My way to be a biker was mixed with sorrow, difficulties and happiness.

I have two sisters and one brother. When I was a little girl, I knew I was different from my two sisters. They only paid attention to the newest European fashion trends and the latest hairdo sported by some famous people. They desired to be divas while I could spend the whole day at my brother’s motorcycle garage thinking that I was a female biker and I wanted to get on those giant cool Harley motorcycle. I didn’t know what it would be when I riding on the motorcycle as a biker girl, but I just thought it would be awesome. However, just because I was a girl and it was difficult for a girl to ride a motorcycle in the past. My brother and his Harley motorcycle partners knew what I was thinking, they just teased me and said that I could never ride. Even some biker man who weren’t as smart as I was laughed at me. It was just unfair.

Motorcycle garage is a great meeting place for motorcycle riders in my town. Every evening, some men or women motorcycle riders would gather to have a party or start a competition. I saw them riding in the wind. The speed, the risk and the feeling of power, all of these made me tremble with passion and excitement. But my brother didn’t want me to learn how to ride. They thought riding a motorcycle is a biker man’s thing. But I didn’t believe that. I just knew that I would be a successful women motorcycle rider in the nearly future.

What I needed to do was to find a perfect motorcycle and find a veteran rider who would like to teach me how to ride a Harley by myself. I knew it was a wasted effort, I still tried to ask those bikers to teach me. Of course, these arrogant motorcycle riders laughed at me and refused to teach a girl who to ride. They said that I could never be a biker knowing how to ride because I didn’t have the strength to control a motorbike.

Luckily, I finally found a biker man who was willing to teach me how to drive when I was 15 years old. He was the best among those Harley riders. At the very start, he asked me to learn how to ride a bicycle. I repeatedly fell down for the bike at first. About two weeks later, I could ride well. Then my biker teacher rode a motorcycle to my house and asked me to go out with him. I knew it was the very time. I just couldn’t believe that.

He told me that I don’t need to be scared or nervous. And he said riding a motorcycle was just like riding the bicycle but without pedaling. Having watching other motorcycle riders ride their motorcycles for many years, I knew how to start a switched-off bike. As expected, I fell down many times, which hurt myself a bit. But I couldn’t stop. This was my only chance to realize my dream – to be a great female biker. That day was the most important day in my life. I finally started my journey to be a successful motorcycle lady.

From that day, three years has passed. I am 18 and I can ride very well. No one dares to laugh at me. They just look at me like a biker man with admiration and envy. I am glad that I have realized my dream to be an excellent female biker. If you have such a proud dream, you should do your best to make it come true.

Biker dating over 50

senior biker singles

Dating local biker singles over 50 years old.

A professional reort from the No.1 biker dating site named shows that 35% Harley men and women are over 50 years old. In a sense, the means of expression “biker dating” is about “biker dating over 50”. Online biker dating is a common phenomenon, especially for bikers over 50. It is not strange that there are more and more middle-aged women and men stepping into the world of motorcycle riders. Riding out is all about to experience the freedom of the road and the nature that only bikers over 50 can understand. Some younger girls or boys are not used to ride motorcycle for their romantic date like their parents.

When you are out on the road, you can shift gears, lean through the turns, feel the wind on the faces. Believe it or not, there is no other wonderful activities like riding a motorcycle. In fact, I am wondering why so many mature men like such an experience on the road, so please feel free to comment on this article if you have any idea about this. In my opinion, once people reach a certain age, most of them have already got what they want in life and they will desire something different or search for new challenge. That’s why lots of middle-aged people turn to motorcycles and become cool and excellent bikers. Maybe riding motorcycles has been a dream in the hearts for a long time, but the life, family and work somehow have stopped them to make it come true. Maybe some of them have married a man or woman who isn’t interested in riding and they have to put their interest in behind themselves. But now they are alone. When bikers over 50 are riding on the road, all their worries for children and other trivial things in life fade away at that time. They only have to focus on the present and have fun in the moment.

Starting to ride motorcycles may offer you an opportunity to start a new life. However, you may feel lonely when you are riding alone on the road. Finding a partner to ride with will make things more easier and provide more fun. If you have tried many ways to find an ideal biking partner and all ended with nothing, then you can seek help on the internet. Online dating has become one of the best ways for bikers to find their soul mates or riding partners. And there is a growing number of bikers over 50 visiting biker dating websites and some of them has successfully met their partners. It is simple to navigate. You can find an outstanding with a huge base of membership and search your matches according to age. Then the powerful searching system of the website will show you hundreds of results for you to choose. It is just a matter of time to meet someone at your age and someone who is willing to ride with you.

6 tips for Christian biker dating

christian motorcycle couples

Christian biker couples meet in local biker event.

As the biker lifestyle becomes more and more popular, there is a fast growing number of Christians starting their life of riding. They are more special than normal biker singles and friends, because they are Christian, a group of religious people who profess belief in Jesus Christ and pursue God’s wisdom. They believe that God wants the best for them in every aspect of lives, which includes relationship with others. So, it is the God’s will that they need to be careful about the date and the marriage. Here are some guidelines for Christian bikers to apply if they want to have a successful date.

1.The Proverbs states that “above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” The Bible tells you to be very cautious about offering all your affections to another. Because the heart will influence everything in your life and will lead you to do anything you don’t intend to do. So, before you totally trust your date, don’t put all your feelings on this one.

2. Corinthians states that “Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?” Although it doesn’t matter whether you are dating a Christian biker or a general biker single, it is better to have a relationship with Christian motorcycle riders. Because two Christian riders will have the same faith and will have more common interest, hobbies and habits.

3.Real love is defined in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. If you are in a relationship, then ask yourself these questions:
Are you patient with each other?
Are you kind to each other?
Are you never envious of each other?
Do you never boast to or about each other?
Is your relationship characterized by humility?
Are you never rude to each other?
Are you not self-seeking?
Are you not easily angered with each other?
Do you keep no record of wrongs?
Are you truthful with each other?
Do you protect each other?
Do you trust each other?

If your answers to these questions are all “yes”, then it should be admitted that you truly have a loving relationship. But if you answered “no” to any of the questions, then there may be some problems in your relationship and you should figure it out.

4. Before you start a Christian biker relationship, you should set boundaries according to the way you live your life. As a Christian motorcycle rider, there are two key boundaries you should set: one is ensuring you stay true to your faith and another is avoiding engaging in premarital sex. You set it and you should keep it.

5.A biker Christian relationship should just involve two Christian riders. But if you want to keep a long term one, you should seek help or advice from the Christian married couple. It will be best if they are bikers too. Because they know what is required to make a marriage work for Christian bikers.

6. As a Christian biker, you should seek God’s will in all things including dating. If you meet someone and you want to develop a relationship with this one, then you should ask “Lord, what is your purpose for bringing this person into my life?” This way will help you think rationally and make the right decision.