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Bikers are a bunch of guys who are distinct from other people. They are cool, they worship the open road and freedom, they have their own lingo and have a highly sense of integrity. The most important is they love riding on their bikes to anywhere they want. So, are you a biker? Do you want to find another single biker girl or guy who can share the road with you? Then is on the top of the list for you to find your perfect riding companies.

Perfect Biker Dating Site? is the most outstanding site of its kind. Over years, it has improved to be a perfect website with the effort of the people behind it who attached a mount of unique features to it, which has won it a huge popularity. No matter you are seeking for a biker date or a friend to talk with, you will get what you want. There are plenty of features boasted by both standard dating service and biker requirement to help you use it and find out like-minded members to contact with easily.

Features of standard dating sites:

Help you to list a lot of interests and likes to get others attention
Search for people according to the interests and likes
Search for people from their photos
Send wink for members to show your interest
Email members to initiate a conversation
Upload 26 photos of yourself and your bike at most

Features of biker dating website:
Find member who want to ride on your backseat
Find member who want someone else to ride on their backseat
Find member who own a certain type of bikes
Verify yourself to show you are serious
Biker fashion show allows you to post photos of you and your bike to increase your chance of exposure (be serious about the quality of your photos for they will be rated and commented by other members publicly)

All in all, if you are serious about your search on BikerKiss, then it will cooperate with you to narrow down your search and find the perfect one.

A Biker Community As Well

It is also a biker community as well with the peculiar section of forum and blog for bikers to rant, to discuss and to make contact with other members on the site. Forum is for members to talk about things about bikes, motorcycle events, romance, travel daily life and all other things that can be talked about.
Blog is for members to write something and allow others to talk and discuss. The key to gain attention is to design an attractive blog title to draw other members’ interest. This way can allow you to share some stuff about yourself and connect with other members.

How Much Does Biker Kiss Cost? is free for people to become a standard member and the process is easy. But it is definitely recommended that you should use a gold membership to endless services and get more chances. For instance, you can email other members, see who interested in you, see possible matches and much more other things.

The gold membership options
Month-by-month for $29.95
3 months for $59.95
6 months for $95.95

It maybe tempting to go month-by-month, but the other two options are much cheaper than it. A date you want to make long-lasting relationship will take much time. And just remember whichever the membership you choose, it will renewed automatically when the period is over. So, make sure you cancel it before the last day of this period if you don’t want to be charged.

A Biker Site For Love And Friendship has been online since 2001, wand has survived for almost 14 years. That is to say this site has done very well in the past and will continue to provide more surprise and service for its members to find the right date or like-minded friend.

Why do women dig motorcycle man online?

Online dating sites are more and more popular and some dating APPs spring up like mushrooms these years, so some useful tips and advice of online dating becomes more important for biker men who are still single looking for a a special biker match. It is necessary to make it clear why single women are attracted to Harley guys before improving your online dating skills, otherwise, all your dating skills will become worthless. Some women believe that Harley men can give them exciting feeling what they can not get from other drivers.

Firstly, almost all veteran biker guys like sexy leather jackets while riding with a group of biker buddies. They look quite cool in the sight of many women. Moreover, some guys wear hot tattoo on the body, which gives them a more masculine look. If you are a Harley guy with the above features, there must a single woman who like to ride on the back of your Harley-Davidson. If you are a single lady and attracted by the scenery when a swarm of motorcycle guys passing you at the street, you need a chance to meet up with some special Harley guy in the near future.

Secondly, a real biker is brave enough to face any difficulties, no matter how hard it is. For example, a biker man will ride out without any hesitation if he just want to enjoy the intense emotion of fast speed on the highway. To feel the freedom across the road with friends, they can go for ride any time in spite of the weather. That is why a lots of pretty girls, especially younger women, treat biker men as hero in the eyes. Moreover, all biker guys have a proactive attitude which makes single women feel a motorcycle man can control everything.

Thirdly, motorcycle riders always impress us that they can protect their girlfriends out of danger. Many women believe it is true no matter what the situation looks like. A male Harley rider will help you when you meet any trouble once you have been his partner or only a part of his riding group. You will never see this scene that your bad Harley boyfriend stands by when you are in trouble, because he would let all know that you have a teammate. If you are ready to date a nice or bad biker guy, you had better connect with some guys who are in a local Harley group, motorcycle club or some online biker dating sites. You can visit the first two big motorcycle dating sites or, you will find your special Harley match in your area. Millions of riding guys on these websites are waiting for you.

Invite Your Biker Girl or Motorcycle Man to Ride for a Long Tour

You can invite your biker lover to ride together for a long tour. Long distance riding journey with some good biker friends will make you feel you are a part of your motorcycle and your bike babe just like your wings which carrying you move along the road around your country. A planed motorcycle travel will relax your body and never after a long time of hard working in the busy streets. It is also a wonderful way to get improvement on in regards to spicing up your friendship, relationship and even marriage since you and you friend or lover need to care to each other during the long journey.

Inviting to ride with friend is an important lifestyle for bikers especially for Harley riders. You always can see a group of guys or girls riding on Harley-Davidson cruise on the street in your city. Did you ever have such a overwhelmingly desire to idolize a Harley rider while see they be a part of a huge, flag-waving crowds? You will definitely answer YES if you are riding a bike,  having a dream of being a biker or even only having strong yearning of riding as a passenger. Yes, you can see if someone is looking for a backseat or passenger on if you want to looking biker friendship there. BikerKiss has been online for a holy mission that is dedicated to biker dating service and helping biker singles to find their lover.